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This is such a Yoox pose Fix your buttons!!
Free bump... Ott - are you in Toronto? I'm looking for a good tailor - who did the alterations on this coat?
Similar in shape, similarly distressed, or both?
That's true, UPS does charge handling fees above and beyond customs. Personally if I'm going to pay handling fees etc. I'd rather have them ship FedEx - UPS in Canada (or at least in the Toronto area) is rather mickey mouse imo.
Don't you guys get hit with customs fees by Canada Post when the store ships via USPS? FedEx, UPS, USPS > I (almost) always get hit with customs fees, unless the shipper lies about the value of the item and/or lists it as a "gift", or the rare occasions when the customs fees are buried in the original cost of the item (eg.
does it give it a nice bruised look?
I read something about heel/toe taps the other day -- not sure what they are? Tried google-ing but just got a crapload of tap dancing links :P
Nice - glad that worked out for you! How do you plan to make the colour darker? I'm very interested as this is something I've wanted to try with a few of my brown shoes/boots.
Haha I was looking at those the other day as well I might've even picked them up on impulse if they were in my size. Not familiar with HLS so I'd also be interested in hearing how you make out with those. When are you due to receive them?
GoldenGloves : have those brogue country boots been re-soled? Soles look new... maybe they were leather before?
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