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Get Smart - would you mind telling us the height/weight of the two wonderful models in the "Showroom" section
Here's something close to what I believe your going for (from the fullcircle website):
If these are still available, can you please provide actual measurements from waist, knee and hem? TIA
The spread collar throws it off for me, as well as the colour and width of the tie. I'd try a slimmer, solid grey/black tie, and a plain white untextured button down.
LOL too funny, and yet great advice nonetheless...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rome Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn No. I wear clothes, I don't wear designers. That's elitist bullshit. It sounded really cool for a second though. Explain how this is elitist bullshit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma ...U&I has a larger retail space than Nomad but keep in mind that half the store is womenswear. Nevertheless, from what I’ve seen, their brand range is bigger than Nomad’s and probably more interesting IMHO. Keep in mind that I’m not a post-skater/grownup hip-hop backpacker, which means most of the brands carried at Nomad leave me cold (i.e. Supreme, Visvim, etc.) even though I think it’s a great to have this store around...
Where can I get one of these Superstar cards?
I think the shoes have a sleek silhouette, like a lot of ToBoot footwear I've seen. I think its more important to see the kind of outfit/look your going to be wearing them with.
Fuuma, have you ever been to Nomad in Toronto? I imagine U&I is larger than Nomad - more like TNT Blu in terms of size of store and stock - is that correct? Nomad never seems to carry enough stock, and one of the sales people there told me they rarely order small sizes... Histrion : I have a similar problem. Shoulder/chest is usually ok in a "small", but I'm pretty short so tops/jackets are usually too long for me
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