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So, uhmm...while we're waiting... +rep me you superfreaks!!
I would prefer a one wash - raw is too much work. One wash 9.5" rise 16.5" knee 16.5" hem Button fly
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 This is what they said: We will check sizes and reply after 2/1/07. Price is $150+ shipping. We take credit card or cod ( UPS ) Please send us your info and we will add you to special customer list. Regards, Hitman I received this email as well. When the say "send us your info" are they referring to CC info? Also, can someone explain what they mean by "broken" sizes?
A bit OT, but while we're on the topics of boots and Jeffrey - do they carry Buttero?
Agreed - if they didn't have the behind-the-knee wrinkling I would consider them.
What are the knee/hem measurements like on those 32" Patriots?
Neither Gap, BR or Piperlime ship to Canada I'm afraid
Good Q - that would be so ideal for me too...
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