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Do you know of any Toronto retailers carrying Kilsgaard frames? Or Wolfgang Proksch?
I thought both APC NS and 5EP LDB had a front rise > 10" (10.5 - 11)? Isn't that a bit high for short guys?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma They do the overlong sleeves thing too? LAD sleeves tend to be long? Good to know...
^ Genius!
Quote: Originally Posted by Homme I like this peacoat... where'd you get it ? Looks like an Inapt coat from Japan. Fuuma : looking good - btw are you aware that your not asian? I think a tripod would do the trick.
I just received my first pair of Rag&Bone yesterday (thanks cielo ) - RB11 30x32 to be exact. I really like everything about them except for the fit on the butt - way too baggy. I measured the waist and it comes out to 32", so I'd probably need a 28x32.
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