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They are amazing, they take that general fuzzy feeling from the constant drone of the engines away.
I get a haircut once every three weeks, and a facial everytime I think the late nights and work are making my skin look a little rough.
(0-Current) Airline Pilot.
Thanks for all the help guys, I just actually bought some furniture I went for a dark reclaimed oak freestanding wardrobe, bed, and low set of drawers. I think it'll look pretty good when it's all in.
Went to one of his concerts a few years back because one of my friends had an extre ticket, at the end he apologised because we would never see a concert better than his and then continued that we should all be honored to see such a great man performing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone No one will notice your watch when you are wearing a suit and tie -- trust me. If money is an issue, better spend it on clothes which will be noticed. Buy the watch you like and can afford, whether it's a $50 Seiko or a $50k Patek. Twotone Apart from the thieves.
With the EU the way it is your probably going to get absoloutely hammered on road tax, and also on a huge SUV the fuel costs will be astronomical. In Britain (and Luxemburg is probably not that much different) it's about $8 per gallon so when your SUV is getting 15 mpg that is going to hurt your pockets.
In my school if you had a fight, even if the other kid was totally asking for a good punch, you'd be suspended for about two weeks, and if you beat the other kid up to badly their parents would probably bring criminal charges against you, although I never knew anyone who actually got convicted or interviewed. Do it to many times and you'd probably be looking at expulsion. But if he's only in second grade the consequences probably won't be to bad, more of a tap on the...
In the joyful bliss that is nationalised healthcare (it really isn't that bad) I will probably have to get an appointment with my general doctor, then he'll make an initial diagnosis and refer me on to a specialist of his choice for further diagnosis and treatment.
Don't start your add with "I recently aqquired"
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