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Go to a good suit store. If you don't actually want a suit, just pretend all interested, act dumb about anything to do with tayloring and the salesmen will usually measure you up properly as a matter of course. Then say well thanks alot but im not sure you have what I want and leave, as you put it, kthanxbye.
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran I would start by reading everything in the Nutrition section of Lyle McDonald's site: http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/nutrition If you're in a hurry you could start with these articles: http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/nut...on-part-1.html http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/nut...on-part-2.html +1 for that website, never seen it before, but it is definantly quality, in detail everything you would want...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG . When I was a kid I played tackle football, rode my bike, or otherwise ran around like a crazy person nearly every day after school. She said her experience was much the same. Do kids just not do this any more? No, it's what some kids do. I went round to my cousins the other day, he's got a PS3 and was playing online. There was a page where it showed all the game time of his friends. Some of them had 21 days of...
I use the six pack app, some pretty cool exercises for the whole body. Comes in useful when i'm at the gym and I want to mix it up a little.
A diet? what sort of diet, rapid weight loss don't care what it does to your body? bulking diet? trimming diet? Basically eat three times a day, for instance one egg wholemeal bread each morning. Some kind of salad at lunch (Don't be one of those people who thinks they are being healthy with salad when it's got dressings, cheese, and a whole heap of the stuff on a plate) Then at night eat one singular breast of chicken and some steamed vegetables, maybe some fish, beef...
Yeap, somehow every single picture taken of me my hair looks awful. I always get complemented on my hair but on photos i look like i cut it myself. I also seem to get caught at the exact moment im gaping at something, so i look ridiculous.
I usually do about 15 minutes of treadmill with the last 5 minutes being a sprint, then move onto a 15 minute cross trainer (very high intensity), then a row, dependent on how I'm feeling it's usually either ten minutes as fast as possible or 2k as fast as I can go. Then a swim usually about 25 lengths of a 25m pool. This is just like a maintanence cv training, when I'm in pre season, that all gets increased by about 50%, also I train twice a week, usually high...
BareSolid. No two posts spouted the same political opinion, and if anyone dared to challenge him he would probably call them "A Daily Mail" reader, .
I was playing cricket against one of my fast bowler friends and he bowled against me and managed to catch my right nut resting against my thigh, it was probably the singlest most painful thing ever, I nearly threw up and was in pain for around 30 minutes.
U2 Coldplay Kings of Leon Oasis Rhianna
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