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sorry double post, delte as appropriate.
Did you get something in writing or on your email to say that they had cancelled in the first place? If you didn't then you don't really have any ground to stand on and should just pay the bill. But you should do what the guy above said, pay to delete. Moral, always ask for a receipt or proof you cancelled anything or it will bite you later on.
Yes! The only thing not covered on an apple warranty are the headphones, over the past six months i've been through three pairs (I didn't buy them I used spares, and friends spares). The glue holding the cap falls off, or the plastic cracks. They are shockingly made. It's ridiculous Apple charge £35 for these headphones.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 I had an MRI which is how I found out that I have a torn Meniscus and an abnormality in my cartilage and I'm seeing an Ortho to get shots. Why should I get surgery for something that doesn't bother me? How much swimming do I have to do compared to an eliptical or treadmill. I'm worried that I have to swim several hours compared to an hour in the gym just to get some results (weight loss, tone, etc...) I know...
-97. Next.
Quote: Originally Posted by ComboOrgan It can be, depending on what units you are using. Yeah I meant using Relative. Also concur on was the original posting meaning a photon not a proton. As anything with mass the energy required to put it at the speed of light tends to infinity according to E=mc^2. Also 4x the speed of light is impossible.
I use Clinique M lotion SPF 21 with the scruffing lotion as a precursour to this. Works quite well for me. But some people don't like this combo. Not sure what others have found.
I wake up 6:30 most days, regardless of when I go to bed. Only times I really sleep late (9:30ish) is when i'm on holiday, but it takes the first week or so to get into it. It's no bad thing, some of my friends go to bed at 4am and wake up around 4pm. Then they get insomnia and can't sleep at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by J'aimelescravates lol come on I was hoping for something like "Radio waves are protons which are massless and therefore is possible for them to exceed speed of light" Protons have no mass? isn't their mass +1?
I use Toni&guy bed head fibre putty. It come it a little blue tub, and is a light blue colour. If you don't put an absolute load on to you hair, and with your hair reasonably dry it will give you good hold, whilst still giving you a natural look, a big complaint of mine about other gels is they don't look natural in your hair. I've experimented with alot of gels, and this one seems about best.
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