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This one sucks compared to the take it to the nex level ad. That was actually cool, and got you pumped up. Only part I like is the over head kick goal line clearance.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero I went to work on my putting today. I'm not a great putter. I can't decide whether I should rotate my feet along the line of the putt, keep my feet aimed straight at the pin with a rotation of my putter's blade through impact, or a combination of both. It feels unnatural to twist my alignment and then hit every putt straight through because it disorients me from the pin, but I'm under the impression that pros do it...
There isn't any giving up on family, its not like friends you can try and help for a while but in the end accept they have no interest in your help. But it's also a difficult situation. She's probably not going to do anything unless she believes it herself, such dramatic changes as making a jobless husband go to work and dropping a few hundred pound aren't going to happen overnight, and are MAJOR lifestyle changes. All I can say is family issues are tough so good luck.
Ohh I bet there are some good ice hockey stories on here. I was playing when I was younger, fell over didn't have a glove on and someone ran over my fingers took a nice deep cut and a little through the bone. That pain was pretty bad also. Just lucky the finger stayed where it was really.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kris Shit, shower and shave. I usually pick a few boogers when I'm in the shower, but I've been know to chip out a few boogers while I'm taking a shit too. + wash balls before a date.
I don't think the intensity of the sport actually matters, it can come from something as mundane as walking or fishing. It is a horrible thing though. Go to your doctors and speak to them about it, they will probably give you an ECG. However there are certain traits such as bouts of dizziness, and heart palpatations that can give early warning. There is a charity in the UK can't rmember the name that is trying to raise awarness of the disease. Sad part is you probably...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark it 8 ICBMs I wish you were the leader of the lib dems.
I had epidymititis (or however you spell it) that had spread and caused pain in my lower abdomen (I was to proud to go see a doctor to get medication or see what it was untill the pain was to much) about a week later a girl threw a calculator that hit me corner on straight on the infected duct. This resulted in unbearable pain where I could not walk or stand and a trip to A&E. Where I was subjected to some VERY painful examinations. I wish never to repeat that experience.
I've been invited to a themed party this weekend. The theme is barbie and ken. Any ideas for a ken outfit?
Combination skin. I use Aviene soapless gel cleanser, then use Clinique scruffer, and Clinique M lotion SPF 21 mosturiser. It is absoloutly fantastic, although you do have to mosturiser with the scruffing lotion as it will dry you out quickly otherwise. I use this routine twice a day morning and night. Then on top of this I use Avene Clenance K as an on the spot emergency gel, for those blemishes that always seem to pop up before a meeting etc. Then occasionally...
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