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Possibly could have been the right wingtip light of an aircraft, not sure about the white light at great speed, could have been the coincidence of the first aircraft descending then second aircraft appearing on the horizon, or possibly a military jet accelerating rapidly after take off (with your close proximity to Los Alimatos)?
This whole thread makes me think, profesional pilots. You're average commuter pilot has spent $70k+ to go into a job where the average working day is 16 hours and they start on around $13,000 with little or no hope of ever reaching the legacy airlines, where they can at least earn a reasonable salary.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Initially, yes. And they were greeted as such. But that quickly vanished with the countless instances of BA/RUC brutality. Or from the brainwashing by Republican terrorists, either one.
Quote: Originally Posted by MsMcGillicuddy Conne, if you make it out to Ireland do take time to visit Derry and the museum. As for unjust acts committed by people from all permutations of the IRA - I'll certainly not be mounting a defense for those. I do, however, see something ... I can't say unique, but something different about being unjustly killed by soldiers from the country that claims those same people as citizens. If you look at...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Congrats. You are dumbest person on the planet. Surely stiff competition is coming from Wanderer?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk Makes sense that it would be, if they're running away from shootouts instead of ending them. You try stopping a physcopathic with a shotgun, armed only with pepperspray. This thread would be called "Gunman kills 13 people in Cumbria".
Quote: Originally Posted by coldarchon no. and learn to quote correctly .. LOL I knew you were going to pick me up on that, but couldn't be bothered editing. For future reference for anyone Reading the direct term coldarchon used when describing a claim of Britain having a well motivated, well equipped army was "pure crap". Anyway, how exactly were you proposing to get the trucks onto the destroyers?
Quote: Originally Posted by Infrasonic Many police don't want to be armed for the fear of escalation and them becoming immediate targets to be neutralised by criminals. Currently cop killing is a very rare event in the UK, and the sentence is life imprisonment... Exactly, as I said look at the US, you get bank robbers wearing full body armour, using AK-47's and armour pieriong rounds. Thankfully we have nothing like this yet in the UK. So...
Quote: Originally Posted by coldarchon it was goering who recommended the halt so hitler gave this order to gerd von rundstedt. your general von kuelcher achieved colonel-general status AFTER the battle. the brits abandoned 50.000 tanks and trucks, so calling them highly motivated and well equipped is pure crap. btw, this thread is about d-day, so lets get back on topic instead of wasting time with a troll posting wrong facts .. Thy were...
Sorry double post, delete as appropriate.
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