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Quote: Originally Posted by robbie Gotta love it when people drive friendly 'the texas way', like this. Dallas highways are pretty hellish at the best of times. Cayenee driver definantly has some serious skills. I bet he had to have his seat valeted after that though. The trailer virtually flew over the top of him. Crazy though he didn't even stop! Just carried on like normal.
Quote: Originally Posted by banjabear Disagreeee. Spain have THE best players in the world in Xavi and Iniesta. People who go on about Rooney and Ronaldo are deluded. And why worry about Torres when they have Villa and David Silva? Are you being serious? So Argentina's Messi isn't?. I agree with you about Ronaldo, although he's pretty to watch, and can hit a ball like nothing else he fails to perform in the big games. He did it time and again...
Quote: Originally Posted by j Yeah, contacted them before. I got a bounce message, no such address. Wonder if I can appeal to ICANN to contact them under the "must have real contact info" rule? It's kinda strange they are playing hard to get. On the .com it's just a bunch of adverts and a big slogan at the top saying this domain may be for sale. That suggested to me contact me and come get it.
Like fuuma said all the facts or opinions are irrelavant. I mean you keep alluding to something more, what's something more? Class A drugs, posession, dealing, theft?
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 Don't you buy the duty free stuff after you have gone through security? Yeah I'm talking about the rent a cop that's on the boarding desk. Or in some airports schiphol for example security is at the gate before you board the aircraft with the duty free before the cheeckpoints. Each gate has it's own individual station.
Security guards in a lot of places are the worst. Ever noticed how when you've just been to duty free, or bought some expensive liqour at duty free, the rules about liquids on board suddenly tighten and you are forced to leave at the gate. Wonder what happens to all these confiscated items...
Yeah agreed, with bond being self contained. Look at the way they also changed the mood, old bonds were typical image of British gentleman, classical spy films with gadgets galore. Then pierce brosnan changed thinks a little so it became more violent but still some of the gadgets and effects were unbelievable. Then the newest films with craig are alot more violent and believable with more emphasis on linking the movies and the actual plot rather than the plot being a sub...
What you've already seen the finale, it's still on the episode where he guts the sniper over here. Damn it I now know what happens! It's been a good series though. And definantly agreed unlike bond where Daniel craig is just so much better because they have changed the entire set up, no one else could play Bauer.
On the .com it says "this site may be for sale"
A brief history of time?
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