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Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim Either way, it will be one heck of a Final - on paper at least! Agreed, could be one of the all time great finals. Holland are leaky at the back, but will score goals. No keeper on the planet could have saved von bronchorsts strike or Robbens header. I really now have no idea who will win. Probably going to come down to a mistake on the day or a wonder goal. Possibly a penalty shoot out? Now that would be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Rutherford Holland !!! FTFY.
Driving a little dirt buggy, it was really wet and we were driving on a field. Hit a corner way to quick, really threw the steering wheel. At the exact same time the tire hit a rut, sending the buggy into the air. Landed and did a couple of rolls. I can just remember sitting hanging upside down sort of looking at my friend (we were about 10) and then suddenly jumping out and trying to right it before his dad saw. It was a pretty dumb thing to do. Remember a few yers back...
Take a look at the Camelback Inn Phoenix Arizona. Super friendly staff, good quiet pools, GREAT food, nice big rooms. Also has a real nice golf course and is just down from scotsdale. This place has never failed to relax me. Anyway good look with the search, netflights is also a pretty good website.
Or even worse than this approach problem, when you walk into a store and the salesman is 20ish, and he stands at the till usually next to an attractive female salesperson and just stares at every article of clothing you pick up, and stares at you the entire time. Makes me feel really uncomfartable and I usually just walk straight back out. This usually happens in those small clothing stores at malls.
Quote: Originally Posted by georgekok_uk It just hurts me to read that Benitez has left and is replaced by Roy Hodgson. I have nothing against Hodgson but I just think that replacing Benitez is not the solution to the problem. The obvious solution is more funding to acquire new talented players. Benitez has spent over £220M, I hardly think funding was the issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 I will say this much about Liverpool; they probably have the most hardcore, dedicated fans I've ever seen. Their club could be down by 11 goals and they'd still be singing You'll Never Walk Alone at the top of their lungs. Their form, on the other hand, is a different story. You have clearly never encountered a Newcastle United fan.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Heh, i have a friend that spend almost 100k becoming a helicopter pilot. She has enough hours to get some work, but not enough to get jobs flying execs around. Exactly it's catch 22, you have a license, you have 250 hours. Every job asks for 1500 minimum, and there are a bunch of ex military pilots who have 3000+. You are broke from the 100k+ fees, and can't afford to get the extra hours to get a job. So you...
Possibly could have been the right wingtip light of an aircraft, not sure about the white light at great speed, could have been the coincidence of the first aircraft descending then second aircraft appearing on the horizon, or possibly a military jet accelerating rapidly after take off (with your close proximity to Los Alimatos)?
This whole thread makes me think, profesional pilots. You're average commuter pilot has spent $70k+ to go into a job where the average working day is 16 hours and they start on around $13,000 with little or no hope of ever reaching the legacy airlines, where they can at least earn a reasonable salary.
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