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I was playing cricket against one of my fast bowler friends and he bowled against me and managed to catch my right nut resting against my thigh, it was probably the singlest most painful thing ever, I nearly threw up and was in pain for around 30 minutes.
U2 Coldplay Kings of Leon Oasis Rhianna
They are amazing, they take that general fuzzy feeling from the constant drone of the engines away.
I get a haircut once every three weeks, and a facial everytime I think the late nights and work are making my skin look a little rough.
(0-Current) Airline Pilot.
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Well I have Labour in my blood and I want Labour to win, but it just has become so uselss and distanced from its values that I would like it to go away for a bit and rediscover its roots. If Labour gets this wrong, we might have another 20 years of slash-and-burn Thatcherism. Gordon Brown is not a flagrant conman and liar like his predecessor Tony Blair or like his right-hand-man Lord Mandelson, but he's lost touch...
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid A lot of insults and poking fun in this topic, but not really any counter-arguments, which is quite typical. I don't really like this place, people here are very hostile to those who do not fit into their deregulation, Uncle Sam neoconservative view of the world. I'm very suspicious that those who trumpet their views on here and mock and deride anyone who dares to differ from them act quite differently in real life...
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Well, it's a British custom isn't it? You don't see many English-born people dressing like that these days, the Pakistanis are more British than we are! Odd jackets and khaki trousers that is. Most English people walk around in tracksuits and jeans these days. So, when was the last time that you stepped out of you fairytale castle?
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Go to any Commonwealth country you like. You'll find people who speak English and engage in British customs and our wonderful way of life, including poetry, literature and philosophy. Indeed, the people who walk around England in sports jackets these days are more often than not immigrants from Pakistan. That is the brotherhood, gentlemen. When you control a country for as long as the empire controlled...
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe well if there was nto push to extend nato into the east, this might not occur either. To be fair the only reason NATO is trying to expand is to provide a certain amount of protection for the small eastern states from Russian agression. Putin is trying to assert some kind of Russian power back onto the world stage. Flying the old Tu-95's up and down Canada and Iceland, sailing his rusting nuclear subs...
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