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Brooks Brothers. They have done a great job for me so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by wjg23g Quick question: I'm a 1L and we have red mass this friday, to celebrate the start of "legal season." The evening will be an informal dinner party, services, a reception, and then out to a bar. I've heard wispers that a suit is too overdressed for this occasion. However, I don't have any real nice blazers. Should I wear: 1) simple navy suit & a tie 2) simple navy suit & a PS 3) blazer & nice slacks? Thanks...
Quote: Originally Posted by tjc4golf Testoni Black Label E-mail them and ask if they can fix the shoe. If not, take it to a local "trusted" cobbler and see what can be done. You are lucky you didn't loose a body part, or cheek, when that door slammed shut!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by tjc4golf The evening was off to a good start: left work at a reasonable hour, stopped at a pizza joint and was ready to head home to gorge and watch the Phillies dispatch of the Rockies when it happened. Hands occupied with pizza, I proceeded ass first out of the pizza shop using my booty to open the door then, having made it through the doorway, turned to face forward and was about to take off for home when the door's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint I also now shave my armpits after having read some people here recommending it. I use a lot less anti-perspirant now too. OMG! Seriously?
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek As I suspected. Would increasing the third term have any effect? You are talking about taking the trousers completely apart and making what amounts to be a new pair of new trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Buddy Wait . . . $36.00 . . EACH ? OK . . . no. It's a choice, indeed.
Quote: Originally Posted by MisterGee Hey guys, Just wondering what people wear under their dress shirts. I did wear a tank, but I've found that my dress shirts wore more quickly; I didn't like the look with thinner shirts because you could see the tank underneath; with blue shirts, there was too much of a risk for visibly wet underarms. I have since gone to undershirts, but I haven't found the right one. I have a couple Calvin Klein that are...
It's a toss up between BB and Hansen's Clothes.
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