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I actually like the double leather sole enough that I order MTO for shoes that traditionally come with the single leather sole. For those of my shoes only having the single leather sole, when it is time to have them resoled, I will have doubles put on them. I don't mind the extra weight.
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Very sleek web site. Where is this chap based? BEXLEY S.A, 10 rue des archers 69002 Lyon, France
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman He likely wants enough fabric inside for cuffing in the future, but is afraid that 3-4" of fabric inside a leg that tapers won't look right so he wants them cuffed inside. It would seem the color of the "exposed" material would be a shade lighter than that of the non-exposed thereby negating any possible use for the excess material. Now I could be wrong...
Eric Glennie, is that you? What purpose could inverse cuffs possibly have, stylistically or otherwise?
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid The extra expense would be incurred, surely, by the reciever with an extra delivery charge. Not to mention that most if not all carriers -- FEDEX, UPS, etc. -- deliver worldwide. There's something more to the story we're not hearing.
Quote: Originally Posted by ilkandi I saw these shoes yesterday and I want them. Maybe I'm just fiending for the color... all my shoes are black or brown and this is a step outside that comfort zone. There's a full-length vertical zipper on the inside. The black tip didn't seem as pronounced inside the store. Based on the look alone, are they yea or nay? Thank you SF regulars! If you buy them, you will almost certainly suffer "post...
Recently, Paul Stuart.
I'm a meteorologist.
I personally wear British Khaki, Khaki, or Brown. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.
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