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A few thoughts to help with your planning... http://www.vass-cipo.hu/Eng/Modellek..._052_Nagy.html http://www.skyvalet1.com/detail.aspx?ID=408 http://www.skyvalet1.com/detail.aspx?ID=345
Quote: Originally Posted by laxinthe303 While I agree with you, you are asking that question in the WRONG forum. So true, so true.
The need for a wider range of colors in your wardrobe notwithstanding, put your best foot forward - the suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by SharpSmooth I'm a grad student who expects to be a working professional in approximately 1.5 years. I know next to nothing about fashion but I'd like to start dressing better. How do I begin? What steps do I need to take (e.g., get measurements from a tailor, read a certain book, make sure my wardrobe has these pieces, etc. etc.)? Can someone help me out? Context: I'm living in Los Angeles, so it's a warm climate and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by modern_leifeng those are "dark" jeans? umm... I love Obama's outfit, very classic, very American, though it may only be because he looks so good compared to what he's standing next to. No, I think even if the guy on the left dressed better, Mr. Obama's outfit would still look classic. In so far as "power jeans" go, there is no such thing; jeans are purely a casual clothing item. Happy Halloween
Quote: Originally Posted by coolwaterz could someone tell me how this works? im about to purchase a pair of shoes from the UK for £154.78 including shipping. how much will this run me in dollars based on the exchange rate, and also will i be charged a "duty" by my post office? im naive being that this is the first time ive ever bought an item abroad For all the shoes I have purchased - G&G, EG, and Cleverley, I have not been required to...
Quote: Originally Posted by magogian12345 Step up. I'm interested to see if he man's up.
http://www.european-umbrellas.com/brigg/brigg.php. Take your pick.
Quote: Originally Posted by Incman Hi everyone. This may not be 100% on topic for a clothes forum, but the majority of the people here seem to be quite gentlemanly (not sure if that's a word), and as such I hoped you might have an answer. The other day I was standing at a bus stop waiting for the bus. It was raining and I had my umbrella open to stay dry. A girl came to the bus stop after me, and she didn't have an umbrella and was just waiting in the...
Don't do it! The world has enough lemmings in it. You are better than that...
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