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Sounds like you've "hemmed up" -- no pun intended -- the situation here. Patagonia in Haleiwa is the only other place. That is, unless you are wanting to visit other traditional Hawaiian clothiers. For this, I have no clue.
buaxite...sorry about the misspell.
Quote: Originally Posted by pkincy I have the Asquith in Edwardian: I wear them but not with Navy business suits and I am a "hate black" kinda guy. I prefer chestnut or buaxite with Navy: or or Good wearing, Perry Is Boxite really a good look with a Navy suit? I ask because I passed up a pair today. Did I make a mistake?
Great if you own cats - drives them crazy! My father absolutely loves them; not me.
From my reading and the recent purchase of a pair of EG 606 Lasted shoes, it is my understanding that the 606 and the 202 are the same with the exception of the "pointyness" of the toe (i.e., 606 last is a square rounded toe whereas the 202 is a traditional rounded toe).
Just got this from EG this morning: "Our Summer Sale will in fact start on Thursday 25th June, and end on Saturday 11th July." For anyone who cares...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr. Octagon That's your sister's hair salon? haha i've been in there. i was the only guy, except for the gay guy who cut my hair. i felt a little out of place And that's why I paid Miller Bros a visit...lucky for me.
Don't know really why. As you probably already know, they are tucked away in a corner of Buckhead around the concern from Patagonia...they were right across the street from my sister's hair salon so I decided to pay them a visit. Nice clothes.
Was in Miller Brother's just a couple of weeks ago; staff isn't the friendliest but they did have a decent array of clothing.
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