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2008 Bmw X3.
O.K., I just bought a set of Rimowa luggage - the Rimowa Limbo Multiwheeled Upright...I wanted to purchase a hard case for travel to protect my sartorial investments. Have I drunk to much Guinness or am I on track? I do admit there could be middle ground here but I need a sanity check - I have spent far to much money on my shoes and clothes to use the flimsy luggage I have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Napoleon Hi, I'm searching for a pair of chukka boots I can use with jeans, and dresspants(light grey). everything is welcome, a rubbersole is a requirement all though.
Quote: Originally Posted by gorp512 Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been updating my wardrobe as of late, trying to move from teen to young adult and I think I am doing an ok job. I am, a major collector of vintage tees. I am in the market for some shoes that I can wear with jeans and possibly a tee that are not sneakers. I am dying to find a good pair of boots,, loafers, or anything really. I just need to know where to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac are your feet differently sized? if not, you should take them back and get a pair which matches. Probably so. I own several pair and have never had what the OP describes happen. Sounds like a pair of seconds to me.
Three is enough for much of a good thing becomes bad.
If I have a regret that isn't too egregious, I'll wear it in the confines of my humble house.
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid All I have left are - 5 polo shirts, 3 need taking in and the other 2 are kept for sentimental reasons - 2 pairs of dark, slim cut jeans - a black chesterfield coat and white tie attire including opera pumps - 1 pair undyed 'white' converse that are really not my style still - work clothes (1 jumper, some ugly polos, black trousers and battered oxfords) - boxers and viccel socks - some pairs of...
Quote: Originally Posted by trewells I found a nice pair of Bally patent leather formal slip ons. What's the best way to clean and shine them? Glass cleaner and a soft cloth.
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle Is it an odd combo to wear an OCBD, flat front pants with 2 inch cuffs, no sportscoat???.. i feel like it is Absolutely nothing wrong with it.
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