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mauro how does sizing on prps work? down how much? it's sanforized, right?
the work wear would be cool, but that wouldn't make it chinos anymore right? anyway, if you do go with the work wear route (suspender buttons + cinch backs) include some - for an extra price of course - farinellis suspenders!
i hope they're more rugged with cinch backs and suspender buttons but cut on the slimmer side and not the traditional boot or full cut.
id be very interested in updates, maybe you should make a new thread about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Maybe start a poll and see what people frequenting this forum really wear? On SZ it's quite obvious what the audience is, although more complicated than it would appear (not everyone posts outfits for ex.) and TFS is def women's fashion. Sufu has some street elements but, like here, a poll would probably reveal interesting stuff. +1
what fabric are you looking at? twill or canvas? as long as its dead stock and a slim cut, im down.
i dont know how the measurements work, but my waist is a 35. looking for new, worn a max of 2x.
back from the dead. any update on this?
yes, please post the pictures. always appreciated. from what i gather the 15s are their slim fits. are the 11s their skinny fit?
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