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Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 I'll be in as soon as I receive em and confirm the fit will work for me. me too. i just hope i'll be home in time
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro Jeans should be here sometime today. Then they go right out to you guys! yay
confurious - what are the measurements on those uniqlo jeans? and what's your height & weight?
eh, yeah. i guess i totally missed the 2nd part of his post. my fault.
i did and the most relevant thing i found was get smart's response on the leather patch but that not going through because of the leather's softness. going through 850+ posts is hard. easier for someone else who already knows to answer and that someone doesnt even have to be from farinellis. it's not like im making a new topic.
are these individually numbered? where are they stamped/numbered? how do you go about numbering them and choosing which number goes to which buyer?
i just came across this on the blackbird site. it's just under $200 at $198. a friend of mine who has seen it in person says that on a 32, the hem's around 8". thigh is 12, and the inseam 34. selvedge outseam and coin pocket. anyone else?
i'm definitely down for the work pants if they're cut on the slim side!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Contingency Plan Pleeeeeease mark as gift with low value for international orders; I got raped at customs on the SFx5EP lat time yeah this.
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