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if those w+hs inseam were like 33-36, automatic buy for me.
iirc there was a 31x32 grifter xx-sion sale earlier. i was still haf asleep tho.
125, cougar xx-do. only a 34x38 is left. maybe he can hem them tho.
i prefer zippers on leather jackets.
[quote]1. couple tablets of aspirin (NOT ibuprofen or Tylenol) 2. seltzer water 3. a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in with the water.[quote] then i saw this Quote: Warning: to avoid stomach ache, don't take the aspirin on an empty stomach. fuck
no, so i meant that lock stitches don't unravel as easily as as chain stitches do, so the unraveling of the stitching here probably isn't due to the possibility that it might be chain/lock stitched as the true chain/lock is very very strong.. tell me if i'm not making sense, i had a rough night last night.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Here's the thing about chainstitching and I hope this will serve as the big nudge this forum has needed to finally accept a straight stitch: it's weak. An unfortunate side effect of the purrdy aesthetic, either visual or "historical", is that once loose the entire stitch can unravel; this isn't just an example from this pair, this is a well-established belief of people who work with denim on a professional basis. I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by th0rbahn is it reasonable that my USPS tracking hasn't updated at all yet? still only says they received electronic shipping info for the 23rd. it's the same for me, but i'm overseas.
Quote: Originally Posted by tailorrmade I think it's a perfect move for the Cavs to get an experienced big man to LEAD the team and not just sit and watch Lebron do his thing. Yes he is slow but there is no one better with his back to the basket. tim duncan, al jefferson, amare.
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