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i really love the fit and i actually pm'd mauro for the 32 measurements for me to base other jeans off (the jeans/measurements arent on the farinellis site anymore and i dont have a measuring tape on hand) but after taking a closer look at the jeans, i might actually send them back. it's not the holes, it's the stitching. just wore them for less than an hour and i noticed some loose threads here and there, uneven stitching. the stitch at the waist is coming a bit loose...
the jeans got to the philippines on the 6th and i had it flown over to where i am. i got it now. i must say i love the fit. very glad i sized down. the holes are there, but its so small im not even gonna bother. i'll post pics later.
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform Tell me about it! Island hopping on $100 plane tickets between countries with some of the world's most beautiful beaches is a pain in the ass. To think that one day you could be in Siem Reap checking out millenia old architectural marvels, the next day lounging on the beach in Krabi, and the third checking out Kuala Lumpur's skyline from atop the Petronas tower... god!, what a fucking nightmare. Nothing like being...
i dont trust any of them. and i think its almost always better to send it back to whoever made them initially. i might have to use the store credit to upgrade shipping.
^ the jeans havent even reached my home yet and its been like 2 and a half weeks. if they are defective, im gonna send them back and it's gonna take another 2 and a half weeks + repair time to get back to me. thats a month haha living in asia suuuuuucks i never shoulda moved.
anyone know if esef is a one-man business like ande?
anyone in south east asia got their jeans yet?
can we see a fit pic, get smart?
the chinos i assume are made from twill?
chain stitch machine?
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