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anyone have any fit pics of the ps/big jeans?
no apoligies needed thanks mauro
1921 AG Bordeux Catherine Holstein Citizens of Humanity Current Elliot Diesel Ella Moss Engineered Garments no chimala
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro The womens chimala is on slae you can snag the 24's link? my girlfriend is looking for some jeans...
Quote: Originally Posted by JSTF can someone please provide measurements for rb11 & 23? anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude . i sent them back to farinellis the next day after i received them on the 26th and as of this week, they still havent even been sent to Chad yet.... this is another reason why i'm thinking twice on sending my jeans back - the wait. also will it be possible for chad to fix the stitching on the denim? is he going to take it apart and stitch it back together? how long will that take?
can someone please provide measurements for rb11 & 23?
she just has to know how to dress for the occasion and know what looks good on her and isnt influenced by what looks good on others. i like how this girl is looking: and like this for casual days, sort of like how some girls from singapore dress:
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