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do you have better pics of the 45rpm blue ocbd?
chad said it'd take 2-3 days to get it perfect. but yeah, i'm just sending mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Was it red? He mentioned he was making a similar red chambray for someone in the Philippines... nope =]
sorry to up, but re: nike tennis vintage classic: how to size compared to chuck taylors/gazelles?
i sized 1 down. just measure the rise on yourself with a tape measurer then from there measure your waist as tight as you can.
yeah, though i noticed that some of the measurements were wrong. i just measured my 32's hem and it came out to just under 8" but it says on the site it's 8.25
anyone who have spring courts....are they comfortable?
anyone know if these: http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=482 are the same as these: http://www.revolveclothing.com/Displ...e+Workshop&d=b
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou No kidding. Let's see if I can break that record with what I'm selling this weekend It's basically the holy grail. is that what i think it is?
ande whall is coming out with a new black pair. apparently its black denim with black stitching with black rivets.
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