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Quote: Originally Posted by JSTF just how big are kmws pockets? can someone measure them for me? this and is the general consensus with kmws to size down 2?
Quote: Originally Posted by dyzfunctioned I'd prefer a 31 but revolve has 32's for $138.90 with 30% new customer is $97. If you want to offer a similiar price, feel free to pm me. where?
just how big are kmws pockets? can someone measure them for me?
as stated in the original post, my cousin already has the lx3. g10 is a little too big to put in the back pocket of any trouser/jean so that's out of the question. i'll check out the canon sd960. i've heard some good things about the canon ixus 980is. anyone have any thoughts on that? also what's the deal with ixus/sd? is it the same thing just called differently?
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint best post in the whole thread.
i want to buy one for my cousin who's birthday is coming up. he already has a lx3 and i want to get him something even more compact than that. just something he can put in his back pocket and take it out whenever he wants to take a picture of something. any suggestions?
u gonna get hazed.
why did griffin run out?? no respect....
beautiful blue/green. turquoise seems right, though isn't blue/green essentially that?
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