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Only 3 more people to go... [[SPOILER]]
I'm a us10 and went with a 43 on the P2 for an almost perfect fitt, so my guess is 45 will be a bit big for you. You should be a 44-44.5
Yes, brass, I choose you! I like how Carmina's brass eyelets are not too shiny, giving a much more subdued effect. It should be called antique brass. alden's brass: http://cdn.styleforum.net/e/eb/350x700px-LL-eb08fc74_P1020553.jpeg carmina's brass: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0184/4436/products/7802603078_94c95e6401_b_1024x1024.jpg?5189
I dont think Carmina has ever done a plain toe boot before, so this makeup would be quite exciting. I stand corrected though.
Lets do this gents: Please PM me with your details if you want in. A couple of people already showing interest so it shouldn't be long til we reach the minimum 6. Leaves will be contacting Betty as soon as she gets back from Pitti Uomo, so we should get some kind of confirmation by next week. Question: what lining color? available colors are Tanned, Brown, Black, and Purple. Let me know what you guys think.
Considering these for MTO. Probably going for cognac (cigar?) shell - thoughts? Also, anyone interested to join? (borrowing Roguls' pic)
double post
where to kop?
need an ID on these shoes.. any ideas?
better pics as promised!
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