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@djbanor thank you for your offer but I don't really wear boots that often anymore
Final big drop to $750. Come on guys
Another drop! don't sleep on these amazing boots people
repost please delete..
For sale a brand new pair of Paul Smith York Boots in beautiful snuff suede. They are made in Italy and are from the Red Ear line, one of their best collections IMO. I bought these around 4 years ago: back when PS was still producing quality shoes, but sadly I did not get a chance to wear them. The leather is indeed very nice. Thick, substantial and supple. The boots were tried on once indoors, hence the tiny marks on the sole. Other than that, they are completely brand...
Hello Gentlemen, Up for your consideration, a unique pair of Vass austerity boots in saddle shell - one of the rarest shades of shell cordovan. They are on double leather soles with metal toe taps. Size is 43 in the New Peter last (P2). I ordered these directly from Vass back in 2012. They were worn for exactly 3 times, and has been sitting in my closet ever since. This makeup is practically impossible to get, as Vass is no longer accepting orders for shell high boots,...
Only 3 more people to go... [[SPOILER]]
I'm a us10 and went with a 43 on the P2 for an almost perfect fitt, so my guess is 45 will be a bit big for you. You should be a 44-44.5
Yes, brass, I choose you! I like how Carmina's brass eyelets are not too shiny, giving a much more subdued effect. It should be called antique brass. alden's brass: carmina's brass:
I dont think Carmina has ever done a plain toe boot before, so this makeup would be quite exciting. I stand corrected though.
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