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Saw a shirt in a thirft store on the weekend. Instead of CANALI it said CORNALI.
Quote: Originally Posted by Clelow I bought a pair of the Kingswood from Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, I think AE is whoring their brand for the sake of profit. The Kingswoods are no where near the quality of AE shoes I have owned in the past including several pairs of Park Avenues. I have owned the Kingswoods for a month now and am still tying to break them in so they do not hurt my feet. With other AE shoes that I bought at retail stores, the leather...
Quote: Originally Posted by FIHTies 100% Authentic Armani David. A distant Cousin to Giorgio Armani, who was banished from Italy in 1986 and started his own clothing line sold under the Armani David Line, manufactured somewhere in Nigeria. ..if you believe that, he has a bridge to sell you too.
I would be more worried about salt than snow. The Indy boot, though plain looking, is still a statement boot (my $0.02 worth), and for that money I would recommend using them for light abuse. No snow, no salt.
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh I've found the sole on the standard Indy is hellishly slippery on damp/icy pavement or mud. Also, those aren't leather soles. The rest of the boot holds up fine though. If budget/icy wear is a big concern, check out the Red Wing Gentlemen Travellers. They'll make your feet bleed until they're broken in, but they're quite comfortable once you do. They've got a lug sole and are holding up quite well.
Quote: Originally Posted by ville_e I'm looking for a very elegant hat for summer. Something slightly original perhaps (quirky)... My suggestion for quirky: make sure yours has a jewel in front.
Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat You might tell us what color suit.
I think you've answered your own questions.
In my case it would be a bib.
ok thanks guys. Yea I sort of thought so. I destroyed the pants on a nice DAKS pinstripe suit, and have the jacket laying around here unused. I'll donate it to a thrift store. Thanks again fro the fast replies.
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