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What if you have your cobbler lightly sand the logo, and apply some black dye on it? Technically it would still be there but muted enough not to attract the eye.
Some men prefer to match belt & shoe color while others prefer to have the belt color compliment the shoes without matching the color. I do both, and would have no problem doing a walnut belt with cognac shoes, as long as the 2 items are complimenting one another. It would be nice to see pics of the belt & shoes you are matching.
what city are you in? Without a location how can anyone help you? Familiarize yourself with shirts brands using the search feature on this site. There are all kinds of sales on the internet. Clearance sales. etc. Look for high end clearance outlets in your area if possible. Buy off-season too. That alone will save you $$$.
I like them. I like the styling, the buckle, and especially that color...sort of like burnt wood. Looks great and reasonable price. I agree, if you like them go for it.
If people see you as 'Mr Perfect' this is a good chance to let them see the rugged he-man emerge. Leave them as is.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoHoJoejoe I beg your pardon sir. The proper name for your attitude is arrogant although smug would suffice for short handed type. This is the internet remember, try not to be so serious. You may notice that this thread is tagged with `tuxedo'. Wrong. This thread is called Pants for orphaned(?) Tux / Dinner jacket Quote: I appreciate the serious answers from the others. I'm a little surprised towards...
100% cotton on my behind. I would never wear synthetics, ever, next to my skin.
Technically you could get away with it since no one knows where you were earlier in the day. For all they know you are coming from an earlier engagement.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR The proper name is 'evening dress' not tuxedo - that is an Americanism. Dinner jacket can be used as an alternative although strictly that does not cover the ensemble. Considering I am in America, tuxedo is a perfectly acceptable term as you should know. Getting the OP from 'tux' to 'evening dress' would have probably over-loaded him and possibly have caused him to believe I was suggesting that cross-dressing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo For example, 99/100 people will think an unbuttoned button-down collar, an undone monkstrap on a double monk, a watch worn over your shirt cuff, etc. are sloppy and not some form of sartorial non-chalance. Thus, being sprezzaturistic may have a detrimental rather than beneficial effect on how people view oneself. I said it in another thread and I'll say it here too. 'Sprezzaturra' is only one...
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