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Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Brown double monk captoe (If I only had three I would have this in a double monk version) gorgeous shoes. total bondage is great. How much? and where to buy?
what a terrifying experience. my condolenses. get your money back if you can, and then flame the seller anyway. they don't deserve a high rating if they did that to you in the first place.
My chelsea boots are 10+ years old and still going strong. buy with confidence.
wear crap for a week. you'll come to your senses.
No big deal eating alone. what would I care what strangers think if they think at all. no one sputtering on my food, no obligations and I agree it is good to have time alone with ones thoughts. Eating alone is good. just bring a magazine to read. its a good prop that validates the aloneness.
coconut shells are used to make buttons too. very strong material and nice texture and color
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan One shoe, one shirt, one trouser, one square. That's all you need. one shoe? are we supposed to hop?
i wouldnt go near anyone with herpes unless i had it myself, which i dont. so many of people with herpes are in denial too and keep infecting others. even venereal warts is a STD and the same denial like ohh its no big deal. uh yeah it is a big deal to me. i dont want nothing growing on my pudunkis thanks
i hate spam, liver, or any giblets. i hate also all pate or pasted meats or mummified meats. if i see procuitto in a deli i fell like im looking at a 5,000 year old pharoahs body parts. it looks so cadaverous
buying drinks for stranger women is a suckers game
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