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I've tried several different types of hangars and now stick with a basic hangar with an anti-slip dowling. The clip types, in my experience, quickly became unreliable and were breaking or malfunctioning. I was finding pants on the floor too may times. The swing bar types were much better (imo) but still I went back to the regular anti-slip hangars. Once in awhile I'll take all my trousers out of the closet and reverse hang them to prevent that crease that occurs when...
I can see the clip-on suspenders with belt hoops being forgiveable, but not the button ones. Even the clip-ons can pull the pants unpredictably high enough to reveal to others which way you hang as well as your religion. Just my own preference, but if one is going to wear suspenders, why not do it right and have certain pants for that use only?
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven I'm inquiring. about which? The ties or the other thing? You know, I started this thread to get a consensus which would be valuable to others, and it's going to end up in DT.
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven you like 4 inchers in your gut? Are you offering advice or proposing some sexual behaviour against nature?
Went through my ties today and decided that because of my gut, I am keeping my 4 inchers. The ones that 'look' like 4 inches are going, but the others are staying. With my jacket closed no one will know, and with it opened or off, my gut will make the 4 inchers look like 3.75 inchers anyway. No skinny ties for me thanks. What about the rest of you larger-bellied men out there?
They are acceptable accutrement outside the workplace. Far less offensive than the phallic cufflinks I've seen on other threads.
Get one of each. That'll be 4 pair total. Since you were speaking so badly against Florsheim recently in other threads you'll have to go back to those threads and ammend them all and ask special forgiveness to Florsheim for bashing their products.
Tan or Tope chinos or even better, dress pants in either color w- twill. Textured pants give a richer look and don't look militaristic.
It would have been better to see the coat on you. By itself it looks fine. No one can say truthfully that the coat is dumpy without seeing it on you first. It's very plain & quiet, but not dumpy.
wash in cold water with your other clothes. Don't put red garments in with your light colors.
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