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Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin Gordon Rush impressive +1
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff that's the definition of a gentleman. we are talking about a "dandy" has no correlation to being a gentleman. a dandy's all about his clothes. Respecting your opinion, I do beg to differ, and stand by my words. Yes the clothes, ofcourse. But what good are they without a proper gentleman underneath them? A Dandy 'poser', nothing more. Manners are still the icing on the cake I'm sure you'll...
My $0.02 input. Good manners and the strict observance of etiquette under all circumstances. Etiquette towards family, friends, business associates, right down to the beggar on the street. The observance of respecting anothers dignity, even when offended by them. Hard to do! Diplomacy. The practice of making the other person feel important. The clothing, cars, boats, houses & cottages, no matter how expensive, cannot hide an ill-mannered person for long. Good manners...
I fully support the slim fit / look. 20 years of baggy crap clothes is enough. It's time for the fat bodies to get off the computer, off the sofa, out of fast food joints and into the swimming pools & health clubs. No mercy. This ofcourse includes myself. fat is not sexy and is not healthy.
If your washing machine at home is a front loader, you'll be ok. Wash in cold water then hang dry. If your washing machine is a top loader, do NOT wash in the machine. Hand wash, then hang dry. A top loader washer has that twisting mechanism in the middle that will destroy things. The Euro-designed Front loaders have only a rotating drum and 'tumble' wash the clothes. You can also keep the shirt buttoned & turn it inside-out before washing. That will protect the buttons...
your gut spoketh the truth.
According to my own doctor (35 years & running), These flus are man made. They are cultivated in laboratories by our loving governments & used as biological warfare against us. In their evil deeds they do speak some truth by 'warning' us before they cull the herd with loving TV ads 'Its flu season. We love you, get your shot.' It has already been exposed ages ago about mercury in the vaccines. Many states will use intimidation such as 'your kids have to get their shots....
I agree, ispiring. Right now I look worse than his Day 1. This video gives me hope. Thanks for sharing
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven "a bitch asked me for a ring so I put one around her whole eye" How you must long for the 'good ol days' 187. Stop watching those 1940's-1960's movies where the man slaps the hysterical woman and she immediately calms down, already!. P.S> that's Glenn Ford, one of my fav old actors, but I can't place the film?
ahh memories.. Today I take one sandwich, 1 fruit & water bottle, carried in a soft leather briefcase. For me lunch should only be enough to prevent starvation. Anything more makes me want a nap.
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