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Tommy Bahamas are available in Medium, (equivalent to large). Made of silk too, at least mine are. Made in China. I have 3 of them and they are great. Nice coconut buttons too.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister True waxed laces have a habit of coming undone. you may want to learn some other ways to tie your laces. I never have this problem ever. Try here >> Lots of fun for the whole family.
Quote: Originally Posted by Salsalocust Comfort every time..... but if you choose wisely from an assured, competent and diligent will come as a given. +1
I have a pair in dark green suede. They go well with my topcoats. I only wear them when I don't have to carry anything.
I lightened your avatar for you. Val Kilmer is the best cinematic Doc Holliday there will ever be. Hope it's useful to you. On my screen here the one you are using is a bit dark, even with my screen brightness up.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy mobsters with access to high end clothes that fell from the back of a truck drops them off to most East Coast based resellers Does this mean we can make requests?
Does this mean I should stop killing spiders in my home? I must have killed millions of $$$ worth of silk by now.
Whoa! Just came back to this thread to check on progress. Was eating fish, and almost gasped at the fish tie. How could such a potentially useful thread end up like this? Oh the humanity.
Casualwear only. Chunky buckles are ok once in awhile. Makes the sleek shoes even more appreciated.
I have a nice pencil stripe dress shirt by Ted Baker. Sea Island Cotton. Shimmers like the Nile. Love it. Many washes already (2 years worth) and looks like new.
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