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Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien I wouldn't. Pinstripe jackets with odd trousers are 99% of the time a massive no-no. Now I'm wondering about that 1%. Reserved only for a seersucker jacket? Can anyone come up with any last-ditch pants suggestions for an orphaned charcoal greay pinstripe jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by epb Actually, they're the ones who need to grow up, and they're not alone. I'm so tired of this attitude of "I'm a slob because I'm more spiritually evolved than you." People are slobs because they're lazy and sloppy, and I wish they'd stop trying to con the rest of us into thinking they're Buddhas. Choosing to live your life in jeans, t-shirt and flip-flops makes a statement, all right - but that statement has bad grammar,...
Quote: Originally Posted by coiol I get everything done at Parviz tailoring at Yonge and St. Joseph. It's on the second floor and isn't too obvious from street level. He gets things done quickly and does a good job, and the prices are fair. I don't know as much about minute details as other people on this forum, but as far as my eye can tell the quality is good. Just an update for 2009. Parviz is no longer there, but the shop lives on....
3 piece suits are classic and always acceptable -if- you can pull off the look. In my opinion, fit is number one, followed by styling, colors, textures & variety. 3 piece suits look great on every body frame & size providing the mans tailor is experienced and skilled. I only wish pocket watches would become the rage again. I love the look of a draping chain on non-military wear.
Thanks everyone for the responses. I also push it as long as the temperatures allow. Wearing the heavier weight shirts,suits & jackets is still not necessary for me if the daytime offers room temperatures or higher. I also agree (at least here in Canada) that the beachwear gets put away, but the lighter fabrics can easily still be enjoyed for awhile yet. What really saddens me is how many people I see wearing no colors at this time of year. Most are wearing dull browns,...
About 70% over here including the striped shirts. The rest are pink,grey,melon, green & cream.
Quote: Originally Posted by cicero79 So is that to say that these are no longer up to snuff? http://www.zappos.com/n/p/p/109018/c/3676.html Nothing wrong with them at all if you are paying retail. I have 2 pairs of Kenmoors (made in India vintage-current) for a few years and not one problem. They are not quite the quality of Allen Edmonds but they are also less $$ so fair enough for the price. They are up to snuff, don't worry.
Here in Canada it's sort of an un-written rule to drop the summer wardrobe after Labor Day, which is the first Monday of September. I am wondering for those of you who have distinct seasons of spring/summer/fall/winter, how long do you push the summerwear? This would include, for example, linen pants/suits, spectators, Panama Hats,etc. Assuming the weather is still temperate, do you push it until the first frost? or do you rotate into fallwear according to a specific date.
I iron everything over here. Wool, cotton, linen, & silks. I use a misting bottle lightly over the fabric and iron using a setting below the iron's suggested setting. Example, I'll iron Wool on the Silk setting, or Cotton on the Wool setting. In other words, if you iron cotton, by using the iron setting below the 'cotton' setting, and giving a light misting of water, you'll have the water & lower heat setting. This will easily give you the precious extra seconds to work...
I do have one pair of shoes that peeled in the back of the insole wall. I used a liquid adheasive for leather to glue the leather back in place. It has slowed down the wear successfully. Your cobbler should sell adhesives or liquid cement in a tube, or for $5 or so can do it for you.
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