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You could try applying leather lotion, let dry 1 hour, then buff. Nice boots by the way. I have some sneakers in a similar color and I use only leather lotion once a month or so. No polish at all. I suppose over time you'll need some polish. Have you tried any of the polishes from Meltonian? They are creme polishes and I find them to be superb. Question>> Who makes your boots?
It's real. Also, 'Burberrys' was changed to 'Burberry' around 1999, making your trench 10 or more years old. In my opinion a 10 year old Burberry(s) trench is still acceptable to wear. You won't win any fashion awards since one of that age hangs below the knee. Very conservative.
Quote: Originally Posted by hi5 Im sorry I dont understand WAYWT? WAYWT=What Are You Wearing Today Go here Look at the PINNED threads near the top of the page. Lots & lots pof posts & pics.
photos please.
I replaced my GF's Burberry buckles with plastic ones (plastic over metal that is). Unless the Burberry police are in the same location she is, no one will ever know or care, and the plastic ones will probably out-live the coat.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Can you post one?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford You could, but its really kind of overkill. Those shoes would be fine with just a plain black leather belt, I don't think you need to replicate the weave pattern as well. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher You sound like a douchebag. All my friends dress like they're 12,... That's probably because your friends really are 12.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku ^^ Wow, glad I'm not your friend. I have friends who don't respect gifts - so I don't give them gifts. Doesn't mean that they're not a good friend. Feelings mutual.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Forgive my friench but what the feck is that abomination?
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