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Quote: Originally Posted by Cognacad Hi all, When I try my suit jacket on the two sides seem to "poof" out a bit.... Quote: Originally Posted by Cognacad Sorry, in the first picture the bottom is really "popping" out on the sides and it looks like I am wearing a little dress...no? Why did I have to be sick today? This thread is really hurting my lungs with laughter, but I love it. What are the differences...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Oh, yeah? - B I knew it I knew it I knew it!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur holy fucking shit, posting a straight picture is too much fucking work now? I have a bad flu. My lungs are ripped just breathing, and then I read this. Flambeur you bastard.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 I have 2 Lauren suits, a tan cotton and a grey birdseye and both are the best fitting suits I own overall. At under $150 each new I am very pleased and received more than my money's worth already. I can post pics if you'd like Yes! Can you post pics of you in them? or hanging, whatever pleases you. I would like to see both suits. Thank you Bris, if you have the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Swan Song well, in a metaphysical way, too, if you get right down to it. Very, very Vintage Longwing Florsheim Imperials in #8 Shell Please forgive me, I have a bad flu today. How could I have forgotten about shell. Those are very nice. Allow me to ammend. Florsheim Imperials -are- quietly elegant. I've been spending too much time drooling over Lobbs lately and it wasn't fair of me in my earlier post. I forgot to...
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr For the weekend. When I go to work I have a regular man-tote type bag that carries whatever I need and more, but I'm looking for some smaller and more casual (not too casual though, e.g. timbuk2) for the weekend. All I need for it to hold is my wallet, phone, and keys. I know some would suggest pockets but I hate putting stuff in my back pockets and my walletphonekeys don't fit nicely into 2 front...
Clarks, Ecco, Rockport, etc. Anything with a full rubber sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Obvious answer would be Allen Edmonds. Only the Rubber-soled models. check the Allen Edmonds Ebay store.
I would call them 'Classic Traditional American/British', not 'elegant'. I have 3 pairs of them. If you have never worn a pair of these, be aware they are heavy. I mean the physical weight of them.
Post some photos!
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