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I've got just the ticket for you. [[SPOILER]]
The Energica Ego review I read on Cycleworld leaves a lot to be desired. It's heavy (569 lbs.), has poor handling, non adjustable suspension, and a price tag of $35,000. One can get a first rate gas engine Italian super bike for that kind of money.
Maybe we can add a protective titanium toe plate, an extra leather toe patch for the gear shifter, some interior armor and padding, carbon fiber heel protection, plastic toe sliders, higher boot tops for calf protection with a built in shin guard. Instead of shell cordovan we can have it made of high impact plastic. Man, that'll be some sweet ass Aldens!
I have never understood the appeal of Harley Davidson. Especially when there is a plethora of objectively better bikes available.
Then Harley Davidson is probably not the bike for you. I'm pretty sure all Harley riders are required to wear nothing but branded gear. Legally required! Look it up.
I guess they didn't work out, huh?
Chola eyebrows fail.
Get both and return the one that doesn't fit as well.
I see them being worn more lately by Japanese workwear guys on IG, although they are not RRL but usually Freewheelers or Blacksign.
Anybody aware of this new motorcycle travel type show starting this Sunday on AMC? It looks like it might be worthwhile. It stars Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. http://www.amc.com/shows/ride-with-norman-reedus
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