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PM sent.
I volunteered at Ducati Island on Sunday and took pictures on my iPhone which I was going to post but then I came across these pro pics online of the same shots I took, so I'll post these instead for now. I'll post my pics of the bike show later this week. This bevel drive dirt bike is pretty cool. After the race I saw the owner driving it home on the highway. The bike has knobbys, no brake light, no front light, no turn signals, no speedo, or license plate.
Yes, I'll get some up this week.
I saw that bike this weekend at the Hand Built bike show in Austin.
You gotta be Rasputin' me on!
Not enough plaid.
I just found out that the forecasted weather report for that day is 70% chance of thunderstorms, F**K!!! I was planning on riding my bike there; part of the ticket is a lap on the race track. Now I may end up going in my truck. I hope the weather forecast gets better between now and then.
Anybody going to the Moto GP in Austin on the 12th? I'll be there at Ducati Island watching the race, rooting for team Ducati. Dovisioso (team Ducati) came in second behind Rossi on the season opener in Qatar three days ago.
Here's a video about Julien.
Julien Landa
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