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I initially thought you were morbidly obese and couldn't find a belt big enough for you.
I'm pretty sure that's not Gnatty . . . I think that's a female or a skinny ass hippie.
It depends what the laws of your state require. In Texas there are no emissions or loudness tests for cars or bikes. They just check if your vehicle is safe and in working order; lights, brakes, horn, signals etc.
Do they come in mens sizes?
Those flannel trousers look a lot better on him than the selvedge jeans. The jeans don't flatter his chicken legs.
You need a Wolo air horn. I have one on my bike and it will definitely make cagers aware of your presence. It will also scare them. A guy who must not have seen me was about to cut me off when I gave him a good blast. I saw him physically tense up and get back in his lane; he probably thought he was about to get rear ended by an eighteen wheeler. I've seen them sold at Auto Zone and Walmart as well as Amazon.
New Posts  All Forums: