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I just called RL customer assistance and according to the person I spoke with, she does not see RRL included on the online sale. I asked her if RRL is supposed to be a part of the online sale and all she could tell me was that RRL was not showing up. She didn't seem to know any more than that.
You can find a lot of info here (http://vintageengineerboots.blogspot.com) by searching the blog. If not you can email him your question, he is very willing to answer peoples questions.A lot of info here also: http://www.denimbro.com/engineer-boots_topic1449.html
Passion of the Alden.
Here is a cheap alternative for upgrading your pipes.
We need to get back to the basics.
No filter. The color of the shoes originally was a light tan, which after awhile I grew to dislike. I decided to give them a quasi antiquing treatment with a dark brown shoe dye.
My first pair of Aldens which I picked up about six or seven years ago at the Alden store in D.C.
The Indy boot is on the True Balance last and runs a half size larger (as per Alden of Carmel and The Shoe Mart) than regular. So one should order the Indy a half size smaller than their true shoe size. I wear a size 8 in the Indy because my true shoe size is 8.5. I know if I got a 7.5 it would be too small for me. I hope this helps.
They look like cheap corrected grain rubber soled loafers.
Milk crate.
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