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Al Jolson?
What drago said. I generally don't like the jeans/SC combo because it seems incongruous to me i.e. a work item and a tailored item, it's like a mullet haircut. Pick one or the other. Having said that if one has to pull off this look the SC should be an unstructured less formal looking one and the jeans should not be faded boot cut jeans but rather something straight or slim legged, not faded, and more contemporary . . . possibly selvedge/raw denim. I think a safari...
^Further evidence of why it is so maligned.
Yes. [[SPOILER]]
I never knew Jesus wore khakis and an oxford button down. Who'd a thunk?
You need to take it easy on those straight aways Trini.
I did a little research on them a while back; they seem cool but reviews were mixed at best. I don't know how they currently fare. What piqued my interest was the cafe racer kit you could get for them i.e. cafe style metal finish tank, tail, clip ons, pegs. I like the idea of a modern made reproduction bike.
It's just your standard copper bow tie.
You beat me to it, I was about to say the exact same thing.
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