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Here is a cheap alternative for upgrading your pipes.
We need to get back to the basics.
No filter. The color of the shoes originally was a light tan, which after awhile I grew to dislike. I decided to give them a quasi antiquing treatment with a dark brown shoe dye.
My first pair of Aldens which I picked up about six or seven years ago at the Alden store in D.C.
The Indy boot is on the True Balance last and runs a half size larger (as per Alden of Carmel and The Shoe Mart) than regular. So one should order the Indy a half size smaller than their true shoe size. I wear a size 8 in the Indy because my true shoe size is 8.5. I know if I got a 7.5 it would be too small for me. I hope this helps.
They look like cheap corrected grain rubber soled loafers.
Milk crate.
Good God man! Don't use glue, use soapy water. It will slide on and stick when it dries. [[SPOILER]]
Now if you could only get him to ties his shoes and wipe his ass you'd be on to something.
Thank you for your informative answer.
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