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Just to be clear, are you guys using "nose" as a phallic metaphor?
Yea, I saw that clip on the YouTubes after googling to find out who your avatar was.
Your avatar creeps the hell out of me.
I ordered a jacket from them which I had to return. They were helpful getting me the right size and getting the replacement to me ASAP.
Thanks LA for the explanation however Comrades Hottentot reasoning seems a more likely elucidation.
Are Biltwell's still "novelty" helmets that offer no protection? Ironic brand name for a no protection helmet.
This makes sense, when I think of quilted jackets I usually think of diminutive people living in southwest Africa.
I just recently picked up this Lavenham jacket off of Yoox at a pretty good discount, $129.00. I've been looking for one for a while and I finally found this one which met all my criteria: Discounted, slim comfortable cut, good looks and good quality, and sport coat style. I ordered a medium (my usual size in shirts and outerwear) as well as a large just in case. The medium fit like an extra small and the large like a small. I returned those and got an extra large...
Eh . . . I like the one I currently have better:
I agree, the MTS is not really a dual purpose bike. What it is is an awesome street bike that can hang with or outperform many sport bikes. Plus it has comfortable ergonomics that won't break your back and will let you travel many long miles in comfort. The BMW GS's are more true dual purpose bikes. What is a Mission R?IMO the MTS oozes style, but then I've been called an old man before. To me this is an old man's bike: [[SPOILER]] Slow, lumbersome, ugly, and mostly...
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