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There are starving pedestrians in China who wish they had a POS 100cc Honda Win (and a sandwich)! Think about that mister.
I can now rest easy.
This is similar albeit sleeker: http://independence-chicago.com/oak-street-bootmakers-field-boot-brown-chromexcel/ Also, take a look at Quoddy.
If you're lucky, never.
Taichi makes high quality jackets, I got one about a year ago but I paid substantially less. They also run small, I had to size up. I get my gear online at at discount prices, no need to pay retail.
Here is a Japanese site with a bunch of men's magazine scans including two issues of Free & Easy. Men's Ex and Leon are good also. A bunch of junk also like Men's Knuckle, Men's Fudge, Men's Egg. Where do they get these titles?!?!? http://www.vvshu.com/type/ssnz/
Luckily my Raleigh is adult sized. For about the first year I had it I had to use a "pedal conversion kit" that was essentially two thick wooden blocks for each pedal that was held on with wide thick rubber bands.
I like all of that. I still have and use my Raleigh that was my ten year old birthday gift, and that was forty plus years ago.
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