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Hi all, I know it's late in the season, but I'm looking for an unlined or half-lined charcoal linen jacket, preferably with double vents and available in 39R or a slim 40, and under $500. I think having one made will push me over my budget, but I just can't seem to find what i'm looking for. Any sources and/or ideas? Thanks! David
Quote: Originally Posted by danpeake Hello - I bought a Paul Smith suit and some other items on a recent trip to London and while I wanted to get them tailored there, I didn't have time for them to them around and get it back to me before I left. So, does anyone have a good recommendation for a tailor in the DC area? If it matters, I'll want to get the sleeves let out of the jacket and the trousers hemmed. DC metro area is fine. Thanks for your help...
The Sales Associates are very good, so is the manager, but the tailors in the back are absolute hacks -- they almost ruined one of my Fitz suits and I had to take it to Do's to have the trousers re-cut. These are the type of "tailors" that claim that puckering can be steamed out.
Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob I found their shirts do not work for me. I like many of their patterns, however, the fabric is not as good as others I have. I have resorted to ordering my shirts from Modern Tailor. The main problem I have with CT shirts is they are not long enough in the body for me. In addition, they do not place enough buttons down the front. I like to have the last button tucked into my shirt and it isn't possible with CT...
Quote: Originally Posted by thisfits I'm not from DC, but OTC is, and he recommends VM Clothiers. This is his review of their work for him. For shirts, sure. For a suit, no. DF
Quote: Originally Posted by Timeless Fashion Take a drive up to English American in Westminster, MD and talk to Elio. He will set you up with a MTM suit for under $1000. +1
In a 44L, get a BB Fitz if you want the same kind of look as TAT i.e. narrow lapels, high arm holes. If you want double vents and ticket pockets, go MTM, RLBL or Paul Smith DF
First things first: The things that cover your legs are not slacks, they are trousers. They are only called slacks if they are made by Haagar or out of polyester. That said, is there a Benetton or Sisley near you? Otherwise, try Bluefly or other online retailers. DF
Quote: Originally Posted by stat1 I have posted about ticket pockets before and have bit of a problem with a recent MTM order. For a three piece notch lapel SB city suit what do most prefer: no ticket pocket straight ticket pocket hacking ticket pocket Thanks in advance. Hacking pockets are for the country, and in particular, engaging in equestrian activities. Straight ticket pockets are well-suited for the city. After all it is...
My WP Huxleys just arrived. The tortoiseshell is darker than it appears on the website, but in a good way. They're a keeper -- Already got two compliments.
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