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Anyone heard from @mrchariybrown? Finally sent in measurements and haven't heard back.
@jbarwick Unless you have some very weird old version of sharkbite, there's no problem with that form of plumbing. And I say this as someone that owns and manages an 86 unit apartment building and deals with plumbers/plumbing a lot more than I'd like to. For more info, read http://thadelletplumbing.com/tep-talk/are-shark-bites-reliable/ As for your water heater, last time I was looking I was quoted $1500 for a 95% efficient unit installed (but not tankless). And I've...
@mike868y here you go http://www.vansonleathers.com/vanson-race-suits/leather_colors.html
If you're handy at all, you might want to look at redoing it yourself. Shark bite fittings are really easy to use and the amount of money you save could be spent on parts of the house you'll actually see.
Or, Option B, (and I'm not defending the lack of communication), Drew is shipping out jackets once a month. Last month jackets went out the last week of the month. This month (ignoring the gigantic cluster that is this thread), jackets went out the last week of the month. It would be nice if this were true and even nicer if Drew would confirm it, but it's as plausible as anything (and as I have a QDR ordered January of this year, I'm definitely hoping things are progressing).
Basic, but gotta start somewhere. Ben Sherman Goodwear Gustin Red Wing
Just got the Flyknit Airmax and Lunar2s for $170 total at the Factory store. Love the flyknit tech and the maxs are really comfortable.
I had a similar experience. Ordered a 32 straight and a 32 slim and the straight fit great, if anything a little loose, while I couldn't get the slim over my thighs. I thought the measurements were off, they disagreed and I ate the return shipping. Customer service was fine, just understand if the measurements are at all close to what they're claiming they won't be sympathetic.
Grey Stan Smiths, yay or nay?
Gustin Chore Coat, green canvas. I'll try to put up better pictures later. It's really slim, great fabric, sleeves are a bit long but I would definitely recommend it.
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