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Less shop coats, more chore coats, but the Le Laboreur or Vetra jackets are pretty on point.http://www.theshopkeeperstore.com/collections/clothing
Electric should be pretty easy - pull off some cover plates and see what kind of wiring there is. If there's black, white and ground and a Romex jacket, you should be golden. Plumbing is the similar, just look in the basement/crawlspace and it'll be obvious.2 more things - there may be asbestos. It was widely used in popcorn ceilings, joint compound, insulation for ducting, linoleum and sometimes even roofing or siding. Things get incredibly expensive when you have to call...
As someone who is currently renovating a home - new roof, new furnace, rewired all but one bedroom, tore out a bathroom and just finished framing its replacement, full interior repaint with massive plaster repairs, refinished/refinishing floors throughout, (bolded items were contracted out using a renovation loan) this is what I would think about: 1. As a general rule of thumb, assume renovations are going to take at least 1.5x as long as you think and probably cost 1.5x...
@avsmusic1 This is out of left field, but check out the Schott x Lucky collab on Lucky's website. All at $500 or under (and you might be able to stack another 20% off but I haven't tried), free shipping and returns, and Schott tends to have pretty good quality control.
Here's one example of an incredible deal (I'm regretting not jumping on this last night) http://m.ebay.com/itm/391246725767
Keep an eye on eBay. I picked up a Schott cosmetic second for under $300 I still wear 6 years later. Lost worlds also sells stuff in eBay if you're into that repro look.
@Synthese how about a boulevardier? I like 1 part Black Grouse, 1 part Campari and 1 part Martini Rosso, slice of orange in the glass and orange peel squeezed over the top. Takes the edge off like nothing else.
But Brad, this is about ethics in fashion blogs... (10)
176 Distorbiant ($820) 177 masshi ($1680) 178 friyaz ($1640) 179 ricesuit ($145) 180 OnehitWonder ($870) 181 jabster410 ($1200) 182 guayabera ($835) 183 etz ($380) 184 bones86 ($780) 185 ahshadow ($780) 186 Exileon ($380) 187 Altho ($780) 188 Pouchling ($380) 189 duhduhduh ($525) 190 hipster ($145) 191 jordan_head23 ($2410) 192 js0930 ($870)
So, has anyone done a chargeback with Bill Me Later/Paypal credit? Just took a look and the last email response I had from TOJ, was just under 90 days ago. Curious if anyone's had any success/there's any reason to bother. Purchase date was early 2014 so seems like delivery is unlikely.
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