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@Synthese how about a boulevardier? I like 1 part Black Grouse, 1 part Campari and 1 part Martini Rosso, slice of orange in the glass and orange peel squeezed over the top. Takes the edge off like nothing else.
But Brad, this is about ethics in fashion blogs... (10)
176 Distorbiant ($820) 177 masshi ($1680) 178 friyaz ($1640) 179 ricesuit ($145) 180 OnehitWonder ($870) 181 jabster410 ($1200) 182 guayabera ($835) 183 etz ($380) 184 bones86 ($780) 185 ahshadow ($780) 186 Exileon ($380) 187 Altho ($780) 188 Pouchling ($380) 189 duhduhduh ($525) 190 hipster ($145) 191 jordan_head23 ($2410) 192 js0930 ($870)
So, has anyone done a chargeback with Bill Me Later/Paypal credit? Just took a look and the last email response I had from TOJ, was just under 90 days ago. Curious if anyone's had any success/there's any reason to bother. Purchase date was early 2014 so seems like delivery is unlikely.
REI is really good - anything you buy is guaranteed forever and all their house brand stuff goes on sale at the end of the season as well. Campsaver is also quite good for discounts and their return policy is as good as you get outside of REI. As for hiking boots, unless you're carrying a heavy pack I would recommend hiking shoes like the Salewa wildfire or the Patagonia Drifter. They don't look as nice as Limmer or danner but they're only $100 and your feet will thank you.
Get a drill and an impact driver. Impact drivers are way more useful when it comes I driving screws than a drill. The porter cable 12v combo kit should cover the basics for most homeowners and then buy a corded drill when you need to do some heavy duty drilling.
I bought an Eccobee Smart Si and I really like it. For $180 it has all the functionality I need, the app is pretty intuitive and installation is about as simple as it gets. Don't really see what the Nest would offer that would be worth the extra $70.
I recently did pretty much my whole house. Assuming they use a water soluble glue, use a paint roller with a bucket of water (way more water than you would ever think you need) and a very sharp scraper (or do what I did and hire some people at $12/hour. They're going to be better at it than you are any way).
Thanks to whoever posted the Lowes discounts. Just grabbed the Dewalt 20v max brushless drill/driver kit for $209. Screaming deal.
And beyond that, do those inspections demand that say 1910 houses comply with modern code in every way? Because I find that a little hard to believe.
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