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For concrete you'd want a hammer drill, not an impact. And you probably don't need a hammer drill.
Just jumping in, I use my impact driver as much as my drill. For driving in screw or bolts, impact drivers are so much faster than drills (and more compact which can really matter). I just built 2 4'x8'x22" planter boxes for my girlfriend using deck screws and then Timberlok screws. No pre-drilling, no issues, just bang, bang, bang and you're done. If you're a serious DIYer, I think you've got to have both.
I own this set. It's great, though I added a hitachi finish nailer as well that's a step above the bostitch.
I don't have one either. My run is about 10' and I hard piped it. I definitely recommend rigid ducting over flex for the whole run if possible (of course my dryer is in an unfinished basement so there were no aesthetic issues and the run is out in the open).
Just bought the last Leder tweed. Not really appropriate for the season, but I can't wait to get it.
That's what I did. Though brokers selling stuff that big often specialize in it and won't know about smaller options. Best to find someone who specializes in whatever niche you're trying to get into.
I haven't worn them much indoors, but I doubt it would be a problem. As far as noise, they aren't as quiet as my Red Wings with a crepe sole or sneakers, but they aren't that far off either. They're definitely quieter than any dress shoe with a heel and leather sole or topy or Dainite. Really, as long as you're not looking for a really low profile sole, they will be fine. And if they wear faster than you like, which would be my one concern, just get them resoled.
I have Filson Uplanders with Air Bobs. Really comfortable, nice and light - not sure how they'd hold up on cement. Really great in the wilderness though. What's your intended use?
I rewired my whole house in Portland, Oregon. Pulled a permit and the only addition the inspector required was adding 2 more plugs in the kitchen. Also did framing for a new bathroom with my own hand drawn plans - passed with no comments. Obviously depends on the city and inspector - but if you're competent and friendly you should be fine.
It really pays to look local as well. There probably are local cabinet shops in your area that will build and install (and sometimes even help wth design), and they can be cheaper and more flexible than the big companies. And everything they do is custom.
New Posts  All Forums: