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I rewired my whole house in Portland, Oregon. Pulled a permit and the only addition the inspector required was adding 2 more plugs in the kitchen. Also did framing for a new bathroom with my own hand drawn plans - passed with no comments. Obviously depends on the city and inspector - but if you're competent and friendly you should be fine.
It really pays to look local as well. There probably are local cabinet shops in your area that will build and install (and sometimes even help wth design), and they can be cheaper and more flexible than the big companies. And everything they do is custom.
Having one tub in the house is more important if you're selling to families. Kids need baths, apparently.
Five brothers heavy chambray sold by hand-eye supply. And if you're looking for an XL I'd email them. Incredibly nice people and really good about doing preorders.
Why don't you get this? American made, Japanese chambray for $130. And I think it's on sale right now.
I never really got the value proposition on the belts. I own a few pairs of jeans and really like them, and a chore coat that doesn't get worn as much as it should, but for belts it's really easy to go direct to a maker (like Terry Dear or Narragansett Leathers or Zissou from the forum) and get something that's one of a kind and made to your measurements (like exactly to the measurement of your favorite belt).
I could definitely use one if it's still available. Should I pm you?
Did you buy it with an American Express or Visa Signature? You get a year past the manufacturers warranty. You can fix a stove yourself, a good dishwasher won't break and read the fine print on your fridge. Typically the compressor warranty is 5-10 years and that's the only part you can't fix yourself. And I own apartment buildings. I've bought more fridges stoves and dishwashers in the last year than most people will buy in their lifetime. Modern appliances don't break,...
How long's the factory warranty? Cause if it's 3 years, you just got taken. Even if it's not, if you checked consumer reports before buying and you're reasonably handy, this is a total waste of money. Take that $300 and buy something useful (like that 12 inch Dewalt miter saw that's on sale for $300 and comes with a stand). Way better than a useless warranty.
Less shop coats, more chore coats, but the Le Laboreur or Vetra jackets are pretty on point.http://www.theshopkeeperstore.com/collections/clothing
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