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How many colors? How much trim? How much prep? Really hard to judge without that info.
Le laboureur is really nice. Also take a look at Vetra A little more tailored than Le laboureur.
Having separate hand soap and dish soap dispensers is pretty luxurious.
For short stories I love Maugham. Rain is probably the most famous but it's worth buying one of the collections that's out there.
The Nike zoom cages don't look terrible and they're an amazing court shoe. I just wear mine for playing and most options I've seen are hideous.
Bags wise I was just at the Stay Wild Expo in Portland and thought these were pretty cool (all under $300) Jbird Haven and Florin Red Clouds Collective Also if anyone is looking for a leather jacket for their girlfriend, this brand Strange Vacations is doing a Vanson collab that's really nice for $800
For concrete you'd want a hammer drill, not an impact. And you probably don't need a hammer drill.
Just jumping in, I use my impact driver as much as my drill. For driving in screw or bolts, impact drivers are so much faster than drills (and more compact which can really matter). I just built 2 4'x8'x22" planter boxes for my girlfriend using deck screws and then Timberlok screws. No pre-drilling, no issues, just bang, bang, bang and you're done. If you're a serious DIYer, I think you've got to have both.
I own this set. It's great, though I added a hitachi finish nailer as well that's a step above the bostitch.
I don't have one either. My run is about 10' and I hard piped it. I definitely recommend rigid ducting over flex for the whole run if possible (of course my dryer is in an unfinished basement so there were no aesthetic issues and the run is out in the open).
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