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Agreed on the samples. Pretty sure I want British Racing Green, but it'd be nice to see real pics. Or maybe even a jacket...
The number on the little paper tag - I got the American Sixteener and the Dark.
Onia's pretty good and often on sale. I think I paid like $35/pair and the fit's pretty on point.
I had a similar blemish on my Superheavys, but it was on the back of the knee and just blends in with the fades. Didn't care enough to complain (but Gustin if you want to hook me up I'm all ears), but definitely would have if it had been on the front.
Switched to Pendlay rows. Finding it way easier to row into the middle/top of my stomach than my chest. May end up switching it up with other styles as well, but focusing on my form and doing Pendlay rows is already helping dramatically. In terms of diet, how many calories per day should I be eating? I'm 5'9", 165-170 lb, definitely not looking to put on weight, just become stronger. Assuming I'm doing Stronglifts, plus a 5+ mile hike 1 or 2 times a week, what should I be...
Thanks Fuji. I can bench more than a 100, just been putting on weight slowly and like I said, I haven't plateaued with bench, deads or squats. probably will do as you suggested, just switch to db rows (though I think my gym has the stuff for landmine rows) and maybe do 1 or 2 of my overhead press sets seated. As for diet, lots of eggs + chicken/pork for breakfast/dinner currently. Mexican/thai for lunch. Trying to go more protein, less carbs and keep my alcohol...
So, I'm doing Stronglifts. Still getting going, started very light to focus on form. Currently at Squats - 135 Bench Press - 100 Barbell Row - 110 Overhead Press - 85 Deadlift - 175 And just for reference, I'm 5'9" 170 lb and this is the first time I've lifted in years. It's going well, squats/deads/bench are not bad, but I'm already struggling with the rows and the overhead press. Any recommendations on other lifts to hit to make those easier? Or pointers on common...
As someone that owns/manages apartment buildings, you for sure want a non-smoking apartment. The only way to get rid of the smell of smoke in an apartment is to prime the whole thing with Kilz or a similar product and most owners are too cheap for that. And if you've ever seen yellow nicotine bleeding through paint on a ceiling, you'll realize you really don't want to live in a place with smokers.
-payment January 25th-oxblood calf QDR-probably a navy/gray varsity
Like I said, in for the British racing green, but out of curiosity how heavy is it? Any pics of it on a jacket?
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