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Just tried a new cocktail - a Jewel of the Nile, which I definitely recommend. Also recommend the bartenders at Boulud Sud if you want guys who really know what they're doing. As for the recipe: 3 parts gin 1 part green chartreuse 1 part yellow chartreuse Shake with ice and serve up.
Better question - is it fake snow?
Ari's oxblood calf is why I went with an oxblood calf QDR. Wanted something unique, that likely no one else would have.
Just ordered an Oxblood QDR with silver zips. Think it may make it just in time for fall of this year,but I'm pretty pumped. My Schott is decent, but I'm ready for the next level.
This is for you, who13.
@ Dlester, why don't you go to a cobbler and ask about stretching them? it's a lot faster and easier than wearing them for a week or two and hoping it works out.
Just visited Suit Supply in NYC. Thought I'd give a quick report. I'm about 5'8" or 5'9", 160 pounds. The salesman originally tried to put me in a 38R, which was gigantic and clearly wasn't going to work. Then he switched to a 36R in the Napoli cut, which really fit perfectly. The only alterations necessary were taking up the sleeves a quarter to half an inch, letting out the trousers about the same and hemming the trousers, of course. Anyway, I was sold. Had to meet a...
To add to this thread, I'm really happy with my zissou wallet. It holds everything I need, looks awesome and fits nicely on a front pocket. He's a great guy too-thoroughly recommend him.
I just got my Japan standards and I'm impressed. The denim is nice, the fit is great, now I'm really looking forward to my Super Heavys.
I have a Schott 141 (naked cowhide). It's not the most fitted jacket in the world, but it's like armor. It laughs at pretty much all weather. I've worn it in rain, snow whatever, no problems. Schott is midrange and if you want to step up to something nice there's always TOJ/John Coppidge. It's made to measure, the fit and leather should be way better than Schott and it's still about half your budget. Oh, and you have the choice of lamb, calf, goatskin or horsehide in...
New Posts  All Forums: