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I bought an Eccobee Smart Si and I really like it. For $180 it has all the functionality I need, the app is pretty intuitive and installation is about as simple as it gets. Don't really see what the Nest would offer that would be worth the extra $70.
I recently did pretty much my whole house. Assuming they use a water soluble glue, use a paint roller with a bucket of water (way more water than you would ever think you need) and a very sharp scraper (or do what I did and hire some people at $12/hour. They're going to be better at it than you are any way).
Thanks to whoever posted the Lowes discounts. Just grabbed the Dewalt 20v max brushless drill/driver kit for $209. Screaming deal.
And beyond that, do those inspections demand that say 1910 houses comply with modern code in every way? Because I find that a little hard to believe.
Where do you live? I've never heard of that.
You aren't required to comply with modern code, only whatever was the code at the time your house was built (official phrase is legal nonconforming). Battery powered detectors are fine, I see no reason to hire an electrician for something you could do yourself for less than $100.
Anyone heard from @mrchariybrown? Finally sent in measurements and haven't heard back.
@jbarwick Unless you have some very weird old version of sharkbite, there's no problem with that form of plumbing. And I say this as someone that owns and manages an 86 unit apartment building and deals with plumbers/plumbing a lot more than I'd like to. For more info, read http://thadelletplumbing.com/tep-talk/are-shark-bites-reliable/ As for your water heater, last time I was looking I was quoted $1500 for a 95% efficient unit installed (but not tankless). And I've...
@mike868y here you go http://www.vansonleathers.com/vanson-race-suits/leather_colors.html
If you're handy at all, you might want to look at redoing it yourself. Shark bite fittings are really easy to use and the amount of money you save could be spent on parts of the house you'll actually see.
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