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Paraboot Vigny
H&M. Very good value for the price, if you take care when buying to choose a model with the same leather grain on all the jacket. Poor pictures here http://www2.hm.com/fr_fr/productpage.0226441001.html
Some WAYWT of these past weeks [[SPOILER]]
I am going to Warsaw new month, I"ll visit him, and try to find a nice pair of boots !
gap APC H?Katsukawa from Tokyo
If I don't wear a jeans jacket, I wear a denim shirt. I love the total jeans look
Apparently...That's what they said in the last email
jacket : Levi's Jeans : APC PS Tshirt : H&M Boots : Alden cordovan on modified last watch : Omega with a suede nato band
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