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Can't tell if these are the same or slightly different? Any thoughts?
Have 3 suits up for sale currently ebay: Thanks!
Perfect thanks!
Oh - BL = RL Black Label. Thanks!
Thanks for all the feedback guys. Just a quick question RE the Milano suit pants. Not too slim? Straight cut like the BL? Or more skinny leg like many of the "hip" suits these days which I don't find especially flattering on me. I'm hoping slim but not skinny with a decent leg opening. Thanks!
Was hoping for a little advice. Looking to upgrade my suit selection and want to try my first Zegna. Most of my suits are RLBL from the twice yearly sales and that is about the fit/price I prefer. Any advice on moving in to a Zegna? Looks like there's quite an assortment of cuts and fabrics compared to RLBL. Kind of overwhelmed. Thanks in advance
I've noticed Band of Outsiders is trying to move a bit more out of its general area of skinny ties and oxfords and into more tailored clothing. Does anyone have one of their suits? Do we know who is making them and how the quality is? At about $2K a pop retail that makes me wonder since you can get a hickey style (lower case) for about 1,200 (retail obviously, not currently) or RL BL for $1,600. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby Can anyone tell me how the Hickey suits fit? I'm a true 40L, but based on the measurements on the site, I'm thinking about a 42L. Any thoughts? The Hickey suits, on sale, might be a good option for the OP. Whatever your normal size is, size up one. I learned this the hard way myself the first time.
Does anyone have or has at least tried on this season's Fall suits from RL Black Label? What is the price point and quality? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by nsoltz I tried on a suit this past weekend and the BB2 was a great fit for me. I was surprised at how well it was constructed. Having said that, it is a little too fashion-forward for me at my age. And $2900 is steep, at least for me, in a piece that could easily become dated. The line in general is just not my style and I find some of the selections over the top. It is a daring move on the part of BB and I certainly do wish...
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