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Nonnative may not work for you since you're so tall though
If you guys are interested in dyeing, Dharma Trading Co is a great resource. I've personally used a lot of their dyes and they're awesome.
When I was younger, my mum would make a few runny fried eggs, sandwich it between some lightly toasted bread and toss on some soy sauce every sunday for breakfast. Then I'd go outside and chase some stray catsOh to be young again
treasurehoard is legit. cantor folks just aren't that popular, and $450 for a pair that used isn't really that cheap.
I have been making popsicles at home. I eat them alone in my room, lights off, my only company being the flicker of the screen as I browse Styleforum and judge any imbeciles for even thinking of not putting nuts on a sundae. Are you serious? That's like going to an ice cream place and getting your scoops of pistachio + pralines&creme on a godamned paper cup instead of a waffle cone. This one is strawberry and honey. Nothing else. That's a fucking stick of 2 lbs pureed...
What's up with no plackets these days. I like plackets
Really ugly
The Silent Mountain. Always dependably cool and awesome. Shoreman forever.
hi @LA Guy, can you post photos of this jacket where it doesn't look like you are in a dimly lit federal building used to waterboard terrorists? It looks cool but I can't see shit, and I wanna see the paint deal
I'd be wary of it being fake
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