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Dope dude. I remember when you were first getting started a couple years ago, asking lots of questions, etc and it's great to see how confident you are now. I myself stopped photography for a while and am just recently picking it back up with my old X-E1. Checked out the stuff you've been posting and you've really come a long way.I think if you wanna make a zine, do it. But just remember that zines were always a thing that anyone could do. It was like the posterchild of...
Wow that's new. Never happened to me
remember when everyone was creaming over Gyakusou? What happened to that hype That said if anyone has a leaf print jacket from a while back in S holla Sometimes I look in my closet and wonder what I'm doing with my life You know how occasionally you forgot something really cool existed that you wanted really bad in the past but then find it again and then have a soul crushing realization that you still can't have it? Paul Harnden bird shirts are my bane One of my...
Are packs like these comfortable for long periods of time? I like the look but I have always felt that they would be uncomfortable. I wear my pack a lot for a lot of different reasons and comfort ends up trumping looks so I still have this dumpy North Face pack I bought from some user here years ago
The fee isn't charged when you deposit the money, just when you pay for it in Charge 1 & 2 (which means that you only pay 5% on the total amount used for the bid). Whenever it's released to you, the currency exchange fee from the CC should be refunded as well, at least I'm pretty sure that's how it works for me, though your CC company/bank may do it differently due to the yen conversion. I'm sure there's a reason why they release CC deposits quicker than Paypal or...
Last FW I think
DID SOMEONE SAY HEIRLOOM VEGETABLES EG paper hat giant thick EG sweater EG kalamkari long shirt My girl is wearin a brixton hat
I'll give Zen another try then. I have ordered from them before and it didn't seem much cheaper, but after reviewing the fees and commissions versus From Japan, it does look to be cheaper.
That's weird. Are you in the US? I've never had problems with customs & tags (EMS).What do you mean you're getting bled for more fees? Fees should be refunded if your deposit gets refunded.Just trying to figure it out- not trying to say you're wrong or anything. I use FromJapan a lot and have been pretty happy, but would be happy to change to ZenMarket if FJ is bein dumpy. Only reason I stay with FromJapan is the loyalty program.
Cosmic Wonder knits. Nonnative long doctor flannel becoming more and more of a dirty hill farmer with every purchase
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