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I love Gitman and am not ashamed to say that almost all of my shirts are Gitman. I will also say that out of the many that I own, I have only purchased maybe 2 at retail, and they were the cheaper retail ones (~$150). Acrimony has always had generally higher prices on Gitman and sales aren't too good, but the climbing prices, crappier prints/patterns, etc are turning me off from the brand. I need to branch out, but they fit me so well and I always like the fabrics I get.
You know, it's really weird, and I hate to admit it, but I hesitated before purchasing. I wear a lot of cheap stuff, too, especially Uniqlo, and I know that I wouldn't really have even thought twice if it was Uniqlo. It doesn't make much sense, I guess I justify it by thinking that there's not too much Uniqlo wearers around me. I remember a while back, I was wearing this nice J. Crew shirt, a pattern I really liked. I was browsing records and in walks a guy wearing the...
I like the first one you posted. If you end up not getting it let me know the link. Very farmer-y which I like.I have an EG hat on the way. I will let you know if it doesn't work out.edit: nevermind, I found it. Perfect, need a daily one I can trash to hell. The Brixton hat I bought last year is now a weird brownish red color and completely fucked from all the farm work
I've always thought John Mayer looked pretty good in his Visvim
They are sold out, not sure where there are any stockists in the US
Yes please on the curated instagram. I think having nice lifestyle stuff from featured members is a great idea-- we've got such a diverse group of people with widespread interests, and plain ol' life stuff can really contextualize the overwhelming loneliness that pervades all of Styleforum members' lives
What's the doc name?
Are the +J suits worth it? I wear suits maybe once a year. Right now I use a shitty H&M gray suit and I'd like a navy one. Any comments on sizing and worthiness?
When did thumb comments come back? This deeply stirs my vintage, patchworked indigo-dyed soul.
Really digging the brigadier highs. Will need to pick up a pair...
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