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I think you definitely can equate Nolan's stuff to Transformers, etc; it's essentially the same stuff repackaged into a different form for a different audience. Nolan plays very well with the young-ish, "intellectual" crowd, you know, mod houses, wine, coffee shops, reading Proust in public. His work is Transformers for people who want to be taken seriously or at least want to come off as serious people. The Prestige and his earlier works aren't exceptions to this either--...
I liked Interstellar. Saw it at Imax
Yep, got it for 2 bills from Dana's site. Randomly checked it today and she had one in a Small...she had a Medium for the longest time so I was surprised there was an S in stock
What a shitter. When this happens, does the seller just lose all money?
I'm a 46, and I take 1 in everything. Not tight, not too loose either. Knits have a lot more free-play going on, and going TTS on most of them will result in a cozy slightly oversized look. I would think a 3 would be good for you unless you have pretty broad shoulders, which you may want to stay away from (I guess you already know that from JP brands)I think I've had some knits MiJ, but yea, most are MiC. The quality is there though, and much, much cheaper proxying in...
grail city need to sell stuff now
Haibane Renmei was one of my favorites for a long time. I love atmospheric shit, and the quaint ye-olde-europe village feel made me feel cozy. Mushishi is fun and easy to digest, like reading fantastic environmental+spooky short stories, like Poe meets Japanese Mythology meets Jane Goodall Eva sucks when you get older and only really becomes a nostalgic reminder of how you had feelings back when you were in middle school and how now you're unsure when the last time you...
hah, yea, buying from Japan is a no brainer now, even with proxy costs. They're the brown/beige colorway, goes along well with my earth toned/blues wardrobe I'd still say Virgils are the most well known and still the go-to though
In the past, I have found PS stuff to be no better than H&M or Uniqlo, even moreso true now that prints are en vogue, which I felt have historically been a mark of PS. Maybe it's changed in the many years, but I felt very, very underwhelmed with almost everything I had owned/tried
I'd say it has to do a lot with the "faux-outdoorsman" subculture that's been insanely popular in younger people lately. The fact that shit like Best Made and Art of Manliness is even able to thrive in a time like this says a lot...I mean, in a lot of cities you'll always see dudes decked out looking like they're ready to go on a hike at a moment's notice (marled beanie, vintage inspired packs, boots, vests, flannel, americana type casual-tailoring). Just the number of...
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