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Cool. I have one in a size up, and I don't think it's too long. I know it's cut short, but I think with the Lhamo it's easy to be a little more fluid with sizing advice depending on the desired fit. I just really hate how short they can be. I just like to see sizes people buy and the resulting fit!Dharma Trading is an amazing place. Their natural dyes are very cool, and I've also had experience with their chemical dyes that have held deep black for 6+ months, which never...
do you have a fit of just your plain lhamo? What'd you end up going, TTS or size up?
A lot of it is hyped, a lot of it can be ugly, but overall I think the Vis design ethos and direction is very solid. There are always very, very solid pieces and just the attention to detail makes it pretty much a perfect brand for SF nerds, in my opinion
You don't want to dress like a sushi chef?
I don't really like the bandana stuff, but I think I'm the only one. It's just a weird thing to wear. Save your money and buy a lhamo flux
That's actually the title of the season: Dissertation on Grandmas in the Ukrainian Boonies 25 Years Ago
I tapered some wool frank leder pants
Legit, just well worn
I really like them. I want a pair so bad but haven't been successful in finding a pair in my size at a reasonable price. They are a good choice if you like chunky-ish derbies and like to wear rolled pants a lot. Otherwise I think virgil boots are more robust
Maybe I just live in a different world or something but spending $20k on something that isn't a robot that gives bespoke handjobs and makes perfect poached eggs is insane Hell if you really wanted to show you are a primetime businessman buy a live shark with that 20k. Take it to your meetings. Nothing shows the ability to close a deal like an apex predator
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