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Every single time I order from Tres Bien or have EMS shipping from Japan it completely blows me away the distance my shit traveled while only taking
Never worn but has no tags. Pre-distressed denim from the Undercover collabo, looks pretty good. Super soft denim. 34" inseam. Slim fit. Size 30.
HM x MMM, pretty hard to find. I really liked these boots as alternatives to the much more expensive mainline ones, but they don't fit my style at all anymore so I'm letting them go for super cheap. Worn about twice, as you can see there's no creasing and no sole wear (aside from the usual you get from trying it on/wearing it once) and absolutely no heel wear at all. Perfect condition. The color is a grayish-black. Price includes shipping in CONUS.
All of the collabos fit smaller ime (OC, hillside). Hopefully the measurements on the Unionmade ones are accurate
lol why don't you drive away in your yellow honda civic with stock spoiler and those mini ceramic ninja bobbleheads on the dashboard to get some boba tea
Awesome, thanks. Picked up the dark calico print in small. Was a tough decision between the rose, light calico, and dark calico. I'm hoping that the bolder rose print may make it to another drop later in the season.
I never thought I'd wear vis footwear cuz of the TPU... but I've grown to really love it. I don't know if it's actually due to the TPU stabilizer in combination with other vis craftsmanship, but they're probably the most comfortable boots I've worn. I have gone 12 hr days wearing virgils and have still been super comfortable afterwards.Those dudes who wear it sockless though, I don't know. Something about it weirds me out.I am in the mood for picking up a pair of fashunz...
visvim. couldn't help myself @ the wicked cheap price (right pair)
Is there anywhere to get suede vans slip ons? Do they exist? Can't find any collabos I want
It will. A pair sold for $150 + shipping in less than a day for bin
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