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I'm just fucking salty because I haven't found a cougar yet to take me on all the shopping sprees that I want to go on
It's a good article. I'm still gonna be myopic and say fuck these people though.Move the fuck elsewhere. Don't even start that American dream bullshit with me.Move the fuck elsewhere.Move the fuck elsewhere. Oh wait, he did."I've had enough! I'll starve if I have to!" one person of the household makes $350k? Tragic.Move the fuck elsewhere. You people created this problem yourselves.The ultimate issue with this is that all of these people have the money, resumes, and...
I would just deposit more than you would need and then get a refund later. The paypal fee is a percentage so multiple deposits doesn't really change anything, unless you care about the 40y fee which is like, 30 cents. But I generally do: 1k yen for domestic shipping/item, about 3yen/gram for international shipping. This is an estimate, and at higher weight packages it comes out to be about 2yen/gram. In general, for boots/shoes and packages that weigh about as much, I...
No doubt the pockets are very suitable for steamed buns, and I can even slip a few chicken feet up the belled sleeves for easy storage and access for a quick lunchtime snack!
Update: the dim sum jacket is probably one of my best purchases so far. the green is so lovely
I hang dry a lot of my stuff but there are few things better than pulling a well-washed and dried, warm, oxford button down out of the dryer
Kapital western blanket ring coat
I was at the Birmingham art museum, which is absolutely awesome (I can't believe it's free). There was a cool contemporary exhibit called "Third Space," Homi Bhaba said that it the Third Space “challenges our sense of the historical identity of culture as a homogenizing, unifying force, authenticated by the originary past, kept alive in the national tradition of the People.” Basically post-colonial identity theory for marginalized peoples and their uniqueness. The exhibit...
20% off - FINAL20 - No Man Walks Alone excellent price on BBJ patchwork sashiko jacket S L XXL doesn't get much cheaper than that
Would love to hear everyone's thoughts, and what they found to be their favorite parts of it. There's so many different things in that little book!
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