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Anybody know where to grab a Santa Fe Fleece shirt in Small? Or please sell me one?
What is this? I'm a long shirt kick!
Whoa! Am I supposed to do something? What did I win? Belgian knitwear from @Sipang? How does this work? Ya'll are too kind. This stylefarmer is humbled.
This looks fungal/bacterial to me and not aphid frass, but if it is aphids, check the plant and you should be able to see them. To deal with aphids just mix like 2 teaspoons of mild detergent (I use castille soap) and shake it up real good until it's bubbly and spray it on those aphid fucks to send them to aphid fuckin hell. also be any other number of tiny bug fucks that ruin your plants (e.g. thrips) but mild soapy water will work on all them. does that black shit rub...
You and I both know that if any picture of you is leaked it would look like this
Dude, I can barely tolerate standing in line for brunch at my favorite brunch spot. This is like, I dunno, 30 minutes of standing so that I can probably have the best meal of my day and it still makes me want to just go home and scramble some eggs myself. I can't imagine standing in line at an H&M to stampede through the store and drop money on shitty-feeling polyester barf. The SAs better be handing out eggs fuckin' benedict while givin' handjobs in the changing room,...
I've always wondered, how is it actually integrated into the boot? Is it just glued on or whatever? It's really hard to find any info on TPU stuff.Virgils are great, good to hear you picked them up. I've gotta get mine resoled and cleaned. The polish I had didn't end up working so well...Looking to pick up some Hilts or Brigs next. Would love a pair of brig highs. There are so many footwear choices I want from Vis. Just wish sizing was more consistent
Moreeeee entriessssssss
Holy shit MoK that's amazing
Or fuck it, dude, throw away the top, keep the bottom, buy a long sashiko indigo chore coat and a vintage over-sized miner's shirt, spill some oil on your boots and wear a big hat and you'll get like 60+ thumbs
New Posts  All Forums: