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heavily worn 2 year old med-brown kudu Virgils from 2011. My favorite pair of boots I own. Also you guys should check out this guy's flickr stream. Photos of the flagship and lots of great product shots of Visvim as well as some other Japanese brands https://www.flickr.com/photos/lazytuba/with/14373518767/
Yeah, pho is a pretty recent development for how it's pretty much considered a national dish and it's kind of funny when people say they want "authentic" pho, when the majority of the bowls people have had are MSG laden, spice packet broths. Lots of soup broths in Vietnamese food takes a lot of influence and technique from French cuisine, and my parents still make a heavily pot-au-feu inspired dish very often. I've also found that there's a really high amount of variance...
:^)the great thing is that it's almost true. With Viet cuisine no one knows what the fuck they're doing. There's been so much influence from not only the French but also the Chinese that there's very little in terms of "traditional" recipes like in some other cultures. Especially with refugee families in America, every home does pho or bun or canh chua differently with different ingredients and flavor profiles that "authenticity" becomes a really weird thing, even if you...
My house has the best viet food. Yall don't even know
That's an awesome deal. Wish I had the cash to do so!
Are you talking about the old 7hole vis x sophnet ones, from 2011? Not sure where to find them anymore, to be honest. Don't think you'll have much luck outside of consignment and auctions or marketplace.
How did you waste money? Clothing isn't something that we can have hard and fast rules for. Literally every single person here who has developed their style has dropped mucho bucks on that phase. I honestly do not think any amount of direction and help will solve that, unless you're going for stuff like GQ look, MFA uniform, etc
I dunno. I feel like r/mfa fills that niche way better than we could here. You'd never find discussion like the Lemaire/Damir or the min/max wardrobe discussion on Reddit just because of its set-up. A sub as large as r/mfa becomes way diluted in content, which is generally the problem with reddit's discussion style anyways, and that's why it's more newby friendly. They have FAQs and guides on the sidebar, and if someone posts a question all you have to do is upvote the...
New Posts  All Forums: