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I've suggested this before, but visvim boots aren't for harsh winters. I christy soles have not done well for me in southern winters, so I'm not sure how well they would work in harsher climates. That said, I dislike black for workboot styles like this. I much prefer brown shades, but bison is a cool leather. The brown bison buffalo has a great texture.
Yeah, I sent them an email and will post
Yeah, I will probably do so. Just wanted to ask here first in case anyone else already asked. I may bite the bullet and buy something retail for the first time in years
anyone know who will be stocking the brown orange shawl knit and the brown homespun bedford?
holy moly I need the orange/brown knit
I think it works. Jacket and shirt fit look great to me, I'm a bit iffy on the pants. I like rolls/cuffs on pants for NB, and maybe just a bit slimmer cut to balance out the slimness of the top. Either go a bit looser up top or a bit slimmer down below, your choice
They are so easy to wear! I think if you found the right print it would work very well for you still. I'd love to see some of the muted Dries prints thrown into your wear
http://www.southwillard.com/collections/sale-2/japanese-crest-chambray-shirt some M should pick this up. It's an awesome shirt. One of my favorites that I've purchased from Gitman in the past few seasons
Christ I love Gardener's World so much. I've binge watched that show like people binge watched Lost
Maybe I will enter
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