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They were from SS13
Saw that East Dane has some long shirts, pretty cool. Anyone know of any other stockists? The long shirts on ED aren't all that great
The Khaki iridescent is amazing, but for some reason that thing fit really small. Like size up small.
Of course inside the Matrix ,
From what I can tell, the sand colorway (from the picture) is camel suede and the others are cowhide. I wish it was kudu!
Apologies, fellow Style Farmers, for the late creation of this fit contest thread. As you all know, November and December are busy months on the homestead. I've been hard at work clearing out the last fields of Indigofera, poring over fabric catalogues for next season, sowing cover crops of sprezzatura, and celebrating the winter solstice draped all in Rick Ovens praying for the next successful season. I let my duties slip. But that's all behind us! It's a new year...
Hey, I dropped the ball on this! Originally didn't know I won and then didn't know I needed to make a new thread and then holidays and then blah blah blah excuses. I'm so sorry! Sending a PM to nicelynice to get deets on what rules there are for the thing (or if you know em send em my way) and I'll post a new one ASAP.
Got a pair of near new Virgil Moc Toes from 2010 in today. They're pretty awesome. Went with my normal Virgil size and they're a bit tight with socks, but so were my original Virgils. Here's hoping they stretch and mold like my normal Virgils did.
EG continuing the long shirts long hair get mistaken for a woman 10 times a day look
Grail status: Cosmic Wonder Kurume Coat http://page12.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/p498314458 I have one it's easily one of the coolest pieces I've ever had. It's basically freesize, so it should fit most people. If you're larger, the arms will be short. I'm 5'9" and the sleeves are about 3/4 on me. This price is a fucking steal btw. I bought mine for $500 Here's a photo:
New Posts  All Forums: