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who cultivates the best style?
That was great. Wish I could redo mine, I have a much clearer idea of what I want and how I want it to fit. But alas, don't give people free-range to do shit like that, especially internet fashionistas. Recipe for a meltdown.
Some misato rose radishes I harvested from one of my gardens
Keep the submissions coming in! I really hope ya'll are thinking about what to submit, because we've got some great talent and stories here! Here's a photo from my mom's garden last summer, where she grows a shit ton of thai basil. Whenever I go home to visit, she always makes a giant spread of food for us to eat. One of her biggest complaints about food in the US is that she says the stuff she buys from the market just doesn't taste as fresh, so whenever she makes...
So many posts from local kpop star @nahneun and yet not a single photo. stop smokin that soondoobie and #getoutside #REI #explore #vscocam and enter the style farm
We broke up. She was getting clingy so I smashed her open and made soup from her flesh.
Last day to ENTER THE STYLEFARM Don't you have some great photos to share of your dank fits in the dope outdoors from this past weekend?
LAST DAY TO ENTER THE STYLEFARM I'm sure you have some outdoors photos from this past weekend!
I mean with most successful projects there's gotta be dreams and realism. You need both types of people to work together to push each other to achieve long-lasting progress, otherwise you'll just end up burning up all your fuel or becoming jaded. This is from many, many years of non-profit work where pretty much most people are big idea dreamers. I think they can be successful, and I really like what they're doing. But I'm just so tired of the "slow" moniker and movement,...
"nothing good comes from raising and slaughtering animals" .........ummmm charcuterie? Joking aside, I like that lots of brands are more socially and environmentally conscious, but their About page just reeks of buzz buzz. I mean, it's like literally every single vendor at every single farmer's market I've been to. They have a good idea in the Stories angle, but then they muddy it with overused and trite philosophy on sustainability and positive change At least some...
New Posts  All Forums: