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I would still say that if you're interested in it, at least for the popular orange/brown colorway, definitely pick it up ASAP. There's just stuff that you can't even describe online that is so great when you're holding it. The colors are incredible
I did just get back from a few days at the lake and tried it on right away, so I might just have sensitive skin from the sun at the moment. It is weird because I wear my Inverallan over a plain tee with 0 problems, and honestly I don't feel like this should be scratchier. I'll follow up in the coming weeks.
got my orange brown shawl knit in. it's pretty awesome. Soft and thick, very very nice. Unfortunately it is a bit scratchy, seems more so than my Inverallan. Hopefully that goes away. Got a Needles lookbook and an EG14 lookbook. No FWK, and I really wanted the FWK one
lol excellent. Styleforum solving fashion mysteries once again
That floral coat is awesome. Hopefully I can snag one later
oh ok, using a fork is acceptable if it's to save the dumplings. your friends are lucky to have you
why are you using a fork to fry dumplibgns
i'll save you guys the trouble. this is the only thing worth buying: http://needsupply.com/mens/sale/knit-jacket.html#
Nepenthes is one of the best shops I've dealt with. Answered my emails and phone questions, did all my ordering stuff too an hour before the store opened. Their communication is top notch.Are you looking at the orange color way? I quite like the color and texture of the herringbone as well
Man those cargos are amazing. I will definitely have to pick up a pair down the road
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