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Picked up a pair of 11aw 73 folk from Y JPN...very nice. Happy the yen is relatively weak compared to 2ish years ago Lookin at picking up a pair of Whympers now that fit better, or maybe a pair of Grizzly if I can swing it.
i wanna join the club too
I need more Cosmic Wonder in my life. Check out this Cosmic Wonder First Light stuff... makes me wish for spring time and fishing in rivers...
I know, I've purchased from there before and the story behind it is pretty cool. I turn off ads here to support SF when I can but you can't honestly say that it doesn't create complete chaos and dissonance with your eyes, especially with how everyone these days have wide modern monitors. It feels like I'm at one of those clickbait Top 10 List sites that bombard you with ads, and I really think it does interfere with reading, at least with my resolution. Give me an option...
Also what the fuck is this hanger project ad. It's pretty damn intrusive.
I went to Wal Mart with my sis to pick up a bunch of toys for my nephew for Christmas. Who knew toys were so fuckin expensive? Especially Legos. Anyways, I was really impressed this year, it was so fuckin... orderly. Almost like a police state in there. It was crazy, no one was flippin their shit, everyone was standing in line, it was almost unsettling. It was jam packed to the brim and parking spilled over to like 2 different lots and it was more civil than the Baller...
Next season Schneider is putting out a WASP cardigan. Neat concept-- you tie it around your neck and drape it over your shoulders and back while you watch tennis games or your son's soccer games.
oops, wrong thread
I have money and I want to buy this thing but I can't find this thing that I want to buy. But, this one store that has this thing available but has stopped responding to my emails (my last email was "Yes, I'll buy it. Here's my Paypal for the invoice: ". Please let me give you my money I just want to look cool for internet people
get me one when you come back to the south @thatoneguy
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