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I didn't know so many people didn't know about f.lux I guess not everyone is a superior human being like me who stays up until 5 AM drinking Mountain Dew playing MMOs and looked for a solution for my tired eyes so I could stay awake longer in order to become the ultimate master of the realm It's kind of annoying if you happen to do design work at home, because your eyes get used to the comforting warm light but you have to turn it off to make sure your colors are right...
watch japanese people make shit. these are very cool. Here's two of the translated ones (unfortunately the sashiko one isn't translated, but the rest are still worth a watch even if you can't understand Japanese)
We're not even sure any of us might not even be a corndog, dude
I love Rosenrot and she's got not only incredible style but can absolutely enchant with her words... but like, I gotta wonder, does she eat stuff like pizza or corndogs in those clothes? Does she only eat stuff like ceviche and other foodstuffs that I'm not quite sure what they actually are? God. I can't imagine eating a county fair corndog while looking such a regal badass. Seriously, like when I imagine myself eating a corndog, I'm like probably naked, maybe just whitey...
@Dbear though lots of people say 2 is a Medium, in my experience 2 almost universally looks better on smalls. I'm a true 46 and I take 2 in pretty much all Vis clothing Interesting on your virgil sizing, I could never size down one on it. Hell, even .5 down on my 73s feel a bit constricted to me... think I'll have to go TTS for brigs.
Not until March 14th, which is when the wedding is. Tailoring is not an issue since I know a skilled tailor (hi mom), so I'm pretty flexible.
Thanks @LA Guy, I'll definitely have to look into it more. I definitely need to look into it more... it feels like I just started the clothing game all over again. I may end up getting a nicer one after all, Yoox seems to have some good stuff. @notwithit Cetaphil is good but can be greasy. I suffered from really dry skin and mild eczema for a long time and Cetaphil was a savior, but I never used it on my face because it always felt too thick. These days I prefer Cerave...
I am a 10.5 Nike and take 10 Virgil, 9.5 in 73 folk. Thinking of picking up Brigs next...
Not a lot to me is like... under $300. I know that's nowhere close to getting anything quality for a suit but as much as I try to justify it I really can't. To me it's not an investment I really care for at the time. Ideally I could get something cool like MMM or Dries or some bullshit but that's not happening. Good call on AE. I will look out for those.
I want to get a navy suit. I never wear suits, so I don't want to pay a lot. Last year, I wore a suit maybe twice. Where can I buy a navy suit? I want to get some dress shoes. I never wear dress shoes, so I don't want to pay a lot. What should I look for? I want to buy Cosmic Wonder stuff. I know where to get it. I know where to get it.
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