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indesertum is right, the charring of the ginger and onions is only for the broth. I don't think there is a consensus about the etymology of pho, as there's evidence for influence from both French vocabulary and Chinese vocabulary. The method for making a good pho broth is very much like pot au feu. banh xeo is amazing. I'm craving it now too
hah, I've dreamed of owning a noodle shop way into the future. maybe like a Vietnamese noodle place: pho, bun, mi. Every month do a different pop-up menu too featuring noodles from different parts of Asia. Possibilities are endless! Just think, your favorite pho place also serves a rotating menu of amazing Asian noodles too? At least, that's the place I wish existed because I would live there Two things have really upped my broth game for my noodles: using a dashi base...
re: Wes Anderson I recently watched Grand Budapest Hotel too and I absolutely loved it. I'm a fan of Wes Anderson's stuff, my favorites being Darjeeling Limited (something about Brody, Wilson, and Schwartzman makes it so fun), Royal Tenenbaums (I think it's Wes Anderson enough without being too Wes Andersony), and of course Fantastic Mr. Fox. Hated Moonrise Kingdom and don't really like Steve Zissou or Rushmore. Loved that part of Noah, @diniro. Probably the best part of...
every week I try to make noodles at least once, starting broth from scratch. always takes forever but the end product is something that I enjoy and eat for daysfrom a few weeks ago, cruddy photo but whateverdashi base with gochujang, simmered with oxtail, charred ginger and onion, a good amount of korean pepper, chinese fermented bean paste. super savory and full bodied with the right amount of spiciness. topped with green onions, kimchi, messed up soft boiled eggs (fuck...
Rename thread to Which Asia is Better Asia
first date should always be pick her up in yr honda accord and go to asian bakery and follow with boba tea. second date should be at a nice dim sum place. third date you take her to a shitty hole in the wall pho place and follow with billiards. fourth is korean tofu soup/bbq then karaoke. there is no fifth date because she hates your guts and never wants to speak to you again
It's always about the broth when it comes to noodles, no matter what country or region. The south emphasizes broths just as much, and as always you can judge the quality of a noodle restaurant by having some of the broth without any condiments/trappings, but personally I like herbs and greens in my pho for the fresh crunch factor. Either way, salad and other toppings should always be served on the side. And yeah, you're def right about "Cali viet" places, but I'd say the...
ramen is like a whole cuisine in itself. pho is just a simple bowli can be down with this
This is a deal breaker for me. I think Vietnamese food does best when combining many different flavors and textures to overcome bland cuts, and the best pho has multiple cuts of beef, different herbs, and sprouts and salad. Of course, the best way to serve is to have all the extras in the middle for a pick your own adventure experience!
I got that email too a while back, when Grailed first opened. He asked kindly though so it wasn't a problem to me. Grailed has fees now? I will completely stop using it if they do. Much smaller reach than eBay and even worse userbase. Dbear: in my transaction, the only way he would've known is if they look through PMs.
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