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Thanks @LA Guy, I'll definitely have to look into it more. I definitely need to look into it more... it feels like I just started the clothing game all over again. I may end up getting a nicer one after all, Yoox seems to have some good stuff. @notwithit Cetaphil is good but can be greasy. I suffered from really dry skin and mild eczema for a long time and Cetaphil was a savior, but I never used it on my face because it always felt too thick. These days I prefer Cerave...
I am a 10.5 Nike and take 10 Virgil, 9.5 in 73 folk. Thinking of picking up Brigs next...
Not a lot to me is like... under $300. I know that's nowhere close to getting anything quality for a suit but as much as I try to justify it I really can't. To me it's not an investment I really care for at the time. Ideally I could get something cool like MMM or Dries or some bullshit but that's not happening. Good call on AE. I will look out for those.
I want to get a navy suit. I never wear suits, so I don't want to pay a lot. Last year, I wore a suit maybe twice. Where can I buy a navy suit? I want to get some dress shoes. I never wear dress shoes, so I don't want to pay a lot. What should I look for? I want to buy Cosmic Wonder stuff. I know where to get it. I know where to get it.
They are cut differently. Size 3 is not a men's small.
I'm having trouble figuring out which part of my sentence happened
Wake me up when Gap starts making G a p REBUILD where they recycle vintage used GAP children's clothing into south american paramilitary inspired wear
damn where'd you get that blu^2 coat Synth? I've been wanting some but only Union seems to have it. Looking good both of yall
Oxalis acetosella (wood sorrel) is a plant you can eat. it's tangy and sour because it contains oxalic acid and tastes real good, especially if made into a tea. I remember picking a bunch and eating them when I was younger. If you eat a whole lot though you'll get sick
don't eat too much of it or you'll get a tummy ache
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