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damn where'd you get that blu^2 coat Synth? I've been wanting some but only Union seems to have it. Looking good both of yall
Oxalis acetosella (wood sorrel) is a plant you can eat. it's tangy and sour because it contains oxalic acid and tastes real good, especially if made into a tea. I remember picking a bunch and eating them when I was younger. If you eat a whole lot though you'll get sick
don't eat too much of it or you'll get a tummy ache
I like it but I'd only wear that for gardening. Look at all those pockets for tools and seeds! And that half apron! Otherwise it's pretty snoozy. Fabric looks nice though, but nothing worth goin crazy over.
These care-tags podcasts are cool, especially the rosenrot and spope ones. This is something SF should do, interact more with members and get some cool content out of it. There's so many cool people here that I would love to listen expand on certain stuff about, and it's like that shit that Synthese did where he wrote about all those fits (those were awesome). Get synthese to talk about how to be so godamn cool + hair tips + shiba inu stuff, talk to c4est about mushroom...
spope can you make podcasts for me where you're cold reading eva scripts so that I can go to sleep
I made that fox fur DR collar and it looks fuckin hella cool IRL. Sourced the fox pelt from a local tanner and when I told him I wanted to use it for a leather jacket collar he was like "Okay young man..." Super damn warm on yr neck too. I miss that jacket a lot
I think you definitely can equate Nolan's stuff to Transformers, etc; it's essentially the same stuff repackaged into a different form for a different audience. Nolan plays very well with the young-ish, "intellectual" crowd, you know, mod houses, wine, coffee shops, reading Proust in public. His work is Transformers for people who want to be taken seriously or at least want to come off as serious people. The Prestige and his earlier works aren't exceptions to this either--...
I liked Interstellar. Saw it at Imax
Yep, got it for 2 bills from Dana's site. Randomly checked it today and she had one in a Small...she had a Medium for the longest time so I was surprised there was an S in stock
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