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I would try them on with socks that you wear often (if you plan on wearing them with socks, some people don't but I think that's gross). You're correct, go for a snug but not uncomfortable fit, and they will stretch out. You don't want to be dealing with pain, walk around a little bit to make sure you're comfortable.And yes, Virgil is modeled after a work boot.
Just FYI, I am very critical of Visvim quality and I have to say that my Kudu Virgils have held up to the toughest beating ever. I am nowhere close to babying them-- lots of long, rocky hikes, biking, farm work, etc. They were my daily wears for a very long time, and it's been about 2.5 to 3 years now. I'm just now getting them resoled, and although there are some things that are coming apart (the insole separated so I just glued it back on with contact cement), it's to be...
Okay, good to know! I did get it from a store, never knew it applied to auctions.
Is there a Japanese VAT? Used zenmarket to order something from an auction and paid like 5k yen in taxes. Don't think I've ever paid taxes on that before on From Japan? Or has it always just been bundled with auction fees or something? I like zenmarket but honestly it doesn't seem much better. It's still not much more intuitive than From Japan, and the fact that your deposit also doesn't get released immediately means I may end up going back to FJ. I mean, the design is...
Add me. Sour cheese fart Full disclosure: I am not good And I also didn't mean a swd videogame thread. Just a thread with all our steam names, blizz ids, league, etc Mumble is cool but vent is vintage and timeless. I felt it fit the philosophy of style forum
Before Fok yells at us we should start a video game thread with our users, maybe even get an SF vent server and be really cool
PM me your user let's play
lorcan you are dank as shit and I want to ride motorcycles with you and comb your hair and you can comb mine too
I need new stuff to read. Tell me what to read. I finally got around to finishing leviathan wakes. Are the others worth reading? It was a good read but I've heard that the others lack the awesomeness of the space noir I enjoyed
Was listing something on ebay and went through my old sold listings. It's great to picture what I was wearing back then and my progression. Sterlingwear black peacoat, John Varvatos polo, Rogues Gallery fishtail, a random Korean goth coat from those Korean fast fashion sites, APC derbies, Band of Outsiders shirts DBSS ponyhair sneakers ... ... Then Junya, Undercover, and White Mountaineering. Haven't sold anything on there for like 2 years, though, so maybe I've got...
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