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Agree with Blue Blue Japan. Lots of awesome stuff with an excellent mixture of traditional and modern. And yeah, they just do what they want and happily I agree with pretty much everything they do. Kapital was a close second for me, but there's just so much stuff that I think is a bit wonky and off. Like Visvim, some great concepts and good things pulled off well, but tons of horrendously ugly shit.
Navy and black are fine together. It's a general rule to make things easy for people, like the black and brown rule, but shape, texture, and color all have nuance and play together to make any combination look good.I think the biggest thing about blacks and blues/blacks and browns is that they have varying degrees of "warmth." If any of ya'll have dealt with black dye or even done any print design with black, black is never black. There's varying degrees of other colors in...
Yeah, I definitely agree with you. It could've been a much tighter film and definitely feels like a missed opportunity at times. I should've known it was Lubezki again, so many shots looked like Tree of Life. ~~~ Haven't been watching many movies lately, so if ya'll have recommendations for some good recent-ish stuff, that'd be great. I'm down for anything. I watched The Hateful Eight in 70mm a while back. 70mm was cool, hard to tell any difference from digital...
Fit on the pants and jacket are spot on. Really like it, though I can't help but think that it would benefit from a dark shirt instead of white because of the black pants.
I liked it a lot, though I agree it was a bit underwhelming. The flashback/dream sequences were definitely boring and awful, and I agree with the odd mix of survival and revenge.Outside of that, I think it did an excellent job of making you feel like Leo-- frozen and alone. Loved the lengthy scenes with little dialogue and you're right, the cinematography was breathtaking. But I thought the plateaued and anticlimactic ending was pretty good. It's dissatisfying, but I think...
They were from SS13
Saw that East Dane has some long shirts, pretty cool. Anyone know of any other stockists? The long shirts on ED aren't all that great
The Khaki iridescent is amazing, but for some reason that thing fit really small. Like size up small.
Of course inside the Matrix ,
From what I can tell, the sand colorway (from the picture) is camel suede and the others are cowhide. I wish it was kudu!
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