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A while back I got a pair of Vis boots in 9.5, my left foot was a bit squished in the left boot. So I thought my left foot was about a half a size larger than my right foot. Right foot fit perfect. Just got another pair of Vis boots in 9.5, now my right foot is squished but my left foot is perfect. ????????????????
Anyone try on the hilts boots? How do they fit?
This is sick, dude. Come play my nephew's birthday party
Lorcan, dude, always looking good! Are those brigadiers?
visvim boots on 2nd hand market in Japan are considerably cheaper. It's a less popular model, Japanese people seem to really like new season stuff over old season, and I also notice that any amount of wear equates to a very large drop in resale price. Guess they just like virgin clothes.I got both the yeti and the boots tho. That way I can keep 1 pair of boots on ice for those 100 degree days
$300 on boots or $300 on a cooler? With a cooler I can put fish that I catch in it. Or sandwiches. And beverages. And vegetables that I harvest for market. And popsicles for my students. And meat from long fishing/hunting trips. I've been looking for the boots for a while. And with boots I can have a misplaced sense of superiority for wearing expensive clothing while looking like a total crusty. Normally I would always opt for unjustified feelings of contempt for...
The feeling when you and one other dude are bidding on something and if just either of you weren't there, one of you would've gotten it for $350 cheaper. The feeling when you finally resign to losing a bid war. The feeling when it's a pair of 6 year old boots. Makes me sad, wanted those boots for two years now.
hey I just want to let yall know that this instagram thing is fucking awesome. good work. @nicelynice you rule.
"Repurposed" stuff has been on the rise in so many markets lately, and as far as the garment industry goes, I think it's lagging behind (at least in terms of using repurposed fabric for the general public). But if you think of how many people are buying repurposed wood, metal, etc items, I think there's definitely something philosophical in buying the type of stuff.Read @Synthese article in the Styleforum Brief about wabi sabi, mottainai, and shibui. I don't really think...
KLers kept spamming their referral links
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