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Yep. On the 73s there's small portions separating from the leather and bigger portions separating the from the midsole. I had to use contact cement once already which was a pain, and it looks like I'll have to do it again. I think this was a problem for a lot of the old models. All three of my boots are from 2011. Whympers and 73s purchased as new old stock.This is interesting. The lug/commando soles are just glued on. I feel kinda cheated. I wear my boots pretty damn hard...
Yall both get to go to Japan? When is someone going to send g transistor somewhere. Where are my dues. Send me to do a report on the fashions of eagle hunters in Mongolia.
Wtf is up with Visvim boots. Both my 73s and my Whymper soles are separating. Contact cement seems to work OK, but other parts of the soles are separating so I have to do it again. Why is it so shitty? Anyone have a better idea? Only seems to be happening on the commando soles. My Virgils don't separate at all and I've had those for 4 years. 73s and Whympers are both less than a year old.
^ oof. DWW, that actually makes my heart ache more than anythinng
Essential oils are one of the biggest pyramid schemes out there. I purchase a lot to make oils for hair as well as for soap, and in the US there are very few retailers that aren't multi-level marketing. There's no real medicinal benefit to it, but it can definitely get out of hand quickly, as their marketing is very aggressive.
I went Parker and LA Bro. Parker's is so great cause I can definitely picture him wearing that. LA Dude's is cool cause I've been playing a lot of Fallout New Vegas again
Of course he doesn't look like a Martian... have you ever even met one???? this guy is obviously from the icy outer rims... maybe Nereidean, or maybe one of the lost star pilots on the doomed Cordelian rescue mission...
Oh man, is that actually him? It's actually amazing. I want an ma+ bindle
What is the url?
I'd burn all you fuckers in a heartbeat if it meant I could actually afford some Harnden.
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