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lol please
Man, this has happened to me twice. Aside from the slight inconvenience of getting a new card (which a lot of companies will overnight if you're in good standing), it's so easy to deal with. For me, I had both times solved over the time span of a 10 minute phonecall. What a time to be alive.Getting your tax identity stolen though... that took 3 years to fix completely.
Cosmic Wonder Kurume-kasuri padded coat
I love the photo for this post. Whoever chose that gets my eternal love
At least they're ready when you want them. You only say they're gross because you like your purchases to tease you with lack of existence for years
My boot camp consists of eating a whole Little Caesar's Hot n Ready. That is how I stay fit for my new stylistic direction: free-size only
just got a sound ad about some stupid dumb girl who will have an awesome wedding dress or some shit @LA Guy plx fix
Dbear the 3 is perfect. The tightness of the arms on the 2 actually throw me off for a denim jacket.
I love that video. Kroll Show is sometimes really way too overwhelming for me, but I like Rich Dicks and PubLizity
there's a stretch of psychic palm readers & head shops where a lot of crusties & train kids hang out, one of them might trade you their tattered robes for a bar of chocolate and 4 cigarettes
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