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EG forever & always
Gonna make an executive ruling and say that those hats, as awesome as they are, are not worth $336. I was thinking (read: hoping) half of that lol If they did source them from a hatmaker, I wonder why they didn't mention it. EG is pretty solid with collabos, EG x Trickers, EG x Vans, EG x land by land. I know nonnative uses the small Japanese hatmaker the comesandgoes and even those are usually marked
As far as I can tell, no, at least not on my shawl knit. They do a zig-zag stitch thru-out though, not just the circular stitching on the edges.
I actually like BoO, W+H, and OC.My favorite is probably nonnative, though. So many connotations to it and fits the brand perfectly. Our Legacy is solid, Undercover is great too. Of course, Engineered Garments is an excellent name.
I didn't see any EG when I stopped by the Woodlands store two weeks ago
The older I get the more I dislike Eva. These days I try not to watch any clips or episodes and just try to remember how cool and philosophical it was to 12 year old me
haha I had a real hard time deciding. But... I figured I might be able to snag a brown homespun sometime down the road in the secondhand market, and that the chance of finding the fairisle was much slimmer. Not sure who else is even stocking the jacket.I'll let you know the sizing. It sounds like sizing up is unnecessary, though.
yeah but I don't want to support a brand that has such a shitty name. It's a philosophy, man
Have the fairisle fleece jacket coming in from @Portland Dry Goods. FW EG is making me go broke. I didn't even know there was a fairisle jacket this season, thought it was only the hooded coat.
Is it stupid that I hate the name A Kind of Guise so much that I don't want to buy their clothes even though I like a lot of the design?
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