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You'll be fine. I've shrunk stuff that way before by simply soaking it in really hot water (steaming) in a bucket, pretty delicate stuff, too. Just make sure to dry it properly (lay flat) and it'll be OK. If it worries you though and you're not happy, I'd return it.
They put that on everything. Honestly, every brand puts that on almost everything these days. I'd say handwashing without a laundry bag is fine, especially if you're doing one at a time.
"Waiter, one Marty Margiela please!"
Her: "Hey sweet potato I got you this commissioned object-dyed sashiko- stitched garment made from vintage boro dating back to the 19th century! It was hand woven by artisans from Japan and contains a handmade paper tag milled by local millers signed by the person who stitched it all together! It has all the complexities that you love: made from antiquated native techniques by artisans who have honed their craft, ethereal and vague sense of quality, and natural dye that...
I have from older seasons: Green 8W cord Landsdown in SMALL Tropical charcoal gray wool andover (fully lined) in SMALL, a bit darker than this photo I'm looking for "newer label" stuff, like a herringbone andover or something. maybe a cord suffolk. also willing to sell, maybe.
yoooo is that a beard tho?
lol please
Man, this has happened to me twice. Aside from the slight inconvenience of getting a new card (which a lot of companies will overnight if you're in good standing), it's so easy to deal with. For me, I had both times solved over the time span of a 10 minute phonecall. What a time to be alive.Getting your tax identity stolen though... that took 3 years to fix completely.
Cosmic Wonder Kurume-kasuri padded coat
I love the photo for this post. Whoever chose that gets my eternal love
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