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Oh man, is that actually him? It's actually amazing. I want an ma+ bindle
What is the url?
I'd burn all you fuckers in a heartbeat if it meant I could actually afford some Harnden.
I just spent a lot of time reading the ToJ thread. And it makes me real sad. It's not even funny. @LA Guy this isn't really about ToJ so don't ban me I think the absolute worst part of it is that it's Drew who did this. I mean, I really liked the guy, I thought he had amazingly interesting things to say a lot of the times, and I saw him as a very solid member of the community. A content creator and a mostly stand-up guy, though could be a bit feisty. He was a bro, you...
Get lightweight shit shipped from Tokyo to my door for $25, 5 business days max. Get fucking shoelaces shipped 3 hours away from me: $6 and 7 days minimum. I might as well just get shoelaces from godamned fucking Japan
I saw an Asian guy (always Asian) today wearing ricky dunks (a first for my city), the white ones that look real grime pale yellow after they are worn. It was weird because it was the first time I had actually seen any of it in the wild-- he looked just like every Sufu ricky-flow fitpic I've seen since 2009. It was weird seeing it in real life. It was weird how completely sufu stereotypical he looked. I don't think I was ready for it. I wonder if he noticed I was wearing...
wtf I stop visiting for a few weeks and Band of Outsiders tanks? Where am I going to get my overdyed overcropped overly slim oxfords now? Seriously you can only produce so much bullshit at an ever increasing price before people are like "nah I'll just buy J Crew" Good riddance. YOU HEAR THAT HIROKI, LOWER YOUR PRICES
A while back I got a pair of Vis boots in 9.5, my left foot was a bit squished in the left boot. So I thought my left foot was about a half a size larger than my right foot. Right foot fit perfect. Just got another pair of Vis boots in 9.5, now my right foot is squished but my left foot is perfect. ????????????????
Anyone try on the hilts boots? How do they fit?
This is sick, dude. Come play my nephew's birthday party
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