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Yep, I have some pieces from 2008-9 that are still going strong. I definitely agree about EG being a brand that thrives on the "story" of the clothing as it's worn throughout the years. I like that stuff, many of my very old shirts/pants that have blown out in high-stress points I've patched with vintage Japanese fabrics that I have found. It definitely adds to the charm, and if brands like Visvim (lots of usage of vintage fabrics that require patching, mismatched vintage...
I think it really depends. Design is absolutely my first choice when buying clothes, but small differences in quality really play a huge part as well, especially for a brand named Engineered Garments. Let's face it, shirts are shirts. They're not going to be indestructible, but you know that horrible feeling you get when you buy a piece you've wanted real and there's just something about it that makes it feel flimsy? Like the fabric is just a hair too thin to make it feel...
Need to see photos of the fairisle blazer!
@Portland Dry Goods OK I am going to buy 1 more EG piece at retail this season in small. Fairisle blazer or brown homespun? I AM SO CONFLICTED
I have a pair of navy leather/suede slip ons that I really like (cuz I couldn't get my hands on the EG ones...)http://www.vans.com/shop/mens-shoes-california-collection/classic-slip-on-ca-torino-leather-dark-slateSo there's that as an alternative as well
Everyone should go see Boyhood
please sell me that hat
stockists so far for stuff, I will add as people post more stuff in this format: OUTERWEAR Andover dark olive worsted wool flannel Black Blue EG Bureau Del Store Garbstore Jack Straw Mohawk General Store Nepenthes NY Peggs & Sons Trunk Clothiers Bedford Bureau Context Correspondances EG Corridor EG Denka Drinkwaters Garbstore Inventory Stockroom Jack Straw Mini Shop Portland Dry Goods SF Market Siwali. Central Trading Co, LTD. Tailor at the Tannery VMC...
Nah, they're updating with photos I'm pretty sure.
Pay for my ticket :^)I will bring you back some over painted sashiko skagz
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