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If you weren't able to snag a copy of ASC-01, here is an online upload of it! It uploaded spreads as single pages and I can't be assed to fix it or ask Hayden to fix it, but you get the gist. This is what you get for viewing printed ephemera digitally, anyways! The theme for ASC-01 was "Place," so leaf through it to see how people interpreted it and how it might influence their style! Consider submitting to ASC-02, which is themed "Softness." I hope to see great...
For those interested. It's really quite terrible. From the writing to the illustrations
For the lhamo shirts, as far as I know, were always TTS. The noragis were size up. By TTS I am going with size 2 = small.
It's true, I think Caligari is right, "men" should NEVER be a size small, and if they are, they better coordinate with their panty liners! Haha! Along with "Men" who wear floral prints and tight pants; those are for WOmen! UGH, it's so terrible when I see small "men" wear Leather Jackets, which are the epitome of "MANLINESS," because when I think of Manliness, I think of Big, Tough guys with Round pecs with a forest of chest hair quivering in the Sonoran wind. I imagine...
Pair these with some Gosha and you'd be so hot right now on that real luxe squat shit
Looks like John Mayer in Visvim
Yeah, yoox has the blue one, but I think the beige is better. @curiouscharles seems to have a beige in 2... I think I might try and pick it up
It's sold out on No Man
Thing is when I see that TS(S) jacket and your kapital jeans I'm like, I really need to pick up both of those because it'd literally go with everything I own.
Got it. I was just thinking in regards to my own wardrobe what I would consider a novelty piece like that.
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