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Not true! Berm is used a lot in farming/permaculture and even better MOUNTAIN BIKING
first one is ama zing. please get a big ass full brim straw hat, grow your beard and hair, and wear a mala around your neck. then sell me weed and coke and asian fusion tacos
For real?! What did you translate? I played through it quite a lot after 2.0 was released (mostly out of nostalgia for my FFXI days)Really the shittiness is the same for so many fields. Even with years of experience and "interning" for free (fuck that shit), it's competitive as shit and employers want to pay absolute garbage for overqualified people. And this is like, growing fucking plants. Hell, I was looking for a part-time gig for shits while some of my freelance stuff...
These are fucking dope and you did an awesome job modeling them. At first I was really put off by the price (SF conditioning still hasn't really gotten to the point where I drop $400 for pants) but after these photos I am legitimately considering.Definitely can be styled a lot of ways. I don't wear much black but these definitely seem versatile... can definitely see it in some great EG looks, mixed with maybe a wool jacket/puff vest, long shirt, visvim boots. People like...
I take a 10.5 in Nikes and am comfortable in my 10 Virgils. The Virgils have stretched so there is a bit of give in them these days, but in the beginning they were snug but not uncomfortable. If your podiatrist has given you advice on width, I'd say take the safe route. It depends on what socks you wear as well, as I often wear wool with mine, so keep that in mind. That said, it sounds like you should take a 9. The Virgil profile is relatively wide, and the leather will...
A big part of good photography and interesting backdrop is that it really contextualizes the user as a person. Like, I will always 100% like a photo of @willy cheesesteak standing in line for a hotdog or @Parker's slants more than a bathroom selfie, regardless of whether or not I really like the clothing/styling in and of itself. Good environments bring a sort of umami to your clothes; it's that little extra mmmm that says "I'm not just posing for the internet" (regardless...
Are they making more kangaroo Virgils?
Gonna be sad if those cargos are like $400 H&Musually looks pretty good. It just never feels good on the body and easily gets trashed after a few wears and washes. Though I did have lots of slim H&M pants for work a few years back that I loved. So many coupons to get em for like $10 and they lasted quite a while. No such success with anything else I've ever owned from them
I had a pair of danners I wore for a very long time. They are heavy boots and not that comfortable.
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