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Yeah, SS stuff always lets me down. At least some of the FW stuff still uses a lot of the heavier fabrics that Fok mentioned. I'll check out OL trousers, there's a bunch of stuff from them that I like but I have never really gotten it to look right on me.
Yeah, I'm thinking that's what I'm just gonna do from now on, and if it's a bit too roomy wear thicker socks. But the 2016 zermatts in my Virgil size were small enough that I couldn't get my feet into them without socks, which is crazy.Digging the Blackfoot from this season, definitely want to try and grab a pair.
I was for a little bit. There was a moment...At one point, I had 15 varieties growing, about 75% heirloom varieties from all around the world. We're talking classic Black Krims and Cherokee Purples, yellow Brandywines, Hungarian Hearts and Black Cherries, man, I tell you, I was a tomatillionaire.I walked into bamboo forests and harvested hundreds of yards of thick bamboo to build t-string trellises, engineering some natural bullshit with strings and pulleys so that as the...
I haven't had any problems with anything so far, except for this long denim shirt I got from last season. Stitching busting all over the place, buttonholes unraveling, that shirt is a disaster, luckily I'm pretty handy with a needle.I think EG SS stuff feels flimsy, but have been pretty impressed with a lot of the FW stuff. What have you had problems with?
EG prices keep getting higher and higher. I get that there are a lot of things that go into pricing, but I don't know, makes me feel like I'm getting hustled.I wish I was better at branching out into other brands. I pretty much wear like 4 brands for most of my stuff, and have some weird psychological barrier to buying things from brands I'm unfamiliar with. It's stupid.
Nonnative has always been super overpriced over here. It's almost always cheaper for me to import from Japan, but even so, $400 for the nonnative shirt is crazy.But yeah, I don't know, everything seems to be getting more expensive, even some used gear. There was a while where I could get a ton of lightly used Visvim pretty easily for cheap, but now prices even on YJPN are high (and I'm not talking about the exchange rate, just general prices).I was looking at Blue Blue...
The Bouldering pants look super dope. I dig the olive a lot. Lately I've pretty much just been wearing stretchy discount camp pants from those outdoor GILTesque sites. Stretchy pants are the best
Um, the USA is definitely a commonwealth and there's another settlement that needs your help
Man, I still can't nail down Vis footwear sizing. 10 Kudu virgils: perfect. 10 moc-toe virgils: a bit tight. 9.5 7-hole: a bit tight. 9.5 whymper: way too small. 9.5 grizzly mid: way too small. 10 2016 zermatt: way too small. I've just been sizing based on peoples' feedback, but dang. Maybe I'm just dumb, but I can't seem to get one perfect like my first pair of virgils.
Get em. They're really sweet.
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