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My house has the best viet food. Yall don't even know
That's an awesome deal. Wish I had the cash to do so!
Are you talking about the old 7hole vis x sophnet ones, from 2011? Not sure where to find them anymore, to be honest. Don't think you'll have much luck outside of consignment and auctions or marketplace.
How did you waste money? Clothing isn't something that we can have hard and fast rules for. Literally every single person here who has developed their style has dropped mucho bucks on that phase. I honestly do not think any amount of direction and help will solve that, unless you're going for stuff like GQ look, MFA uniform, etc
I dunno. I feel like r/mfa fills that niche way better than we could here. You'd never find discussion like the Lemaire/Damir or the min/max wardrobe discussion on Reddit just because of its set-up. A sub as large as r/mfa becomes way diluted in content, which is generally the problem with reddit's discussion style anyways, and that's why it's more newby friendly. They have FAQs and guides on the sidebar, and if someone posts a question all you have to do is upvote the...
Humanbehaviour is one too. I'll update OP.
You should definitely look into the 73 if you have a lot of geller. I think it works really well with geller military-ish aesthetic.
Laces for Virgils: Buy 54". It'll be a little expensive since it's flat rate shipping... mine came out to be $17 for 1 pair at waxed cotton with brass tips. They're just a hair thinner than normal Visvim laces but they work fine enough. I actually prefer the rounded wax laces over the leather ones for Virgils. Might as well post these here too: here are the best soles I've found for Virgils if you want the heel profile versus the flat Vibram christy soles. I think older...
Yep, I picked up the dark calico. Want the rose print but I'm gonna wait till the next drop.
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