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I agree. After teaching for 4 years, it's not just education, it's a societal and cultural value. I think it greatly depends on how you grew up and where you come from.I come from an immigrant family, too, subsistence farmers in fact. Very recent—I came over in the early 90s at the tail end of the refugee program after the Vietnam war. We literally came over here from nothing. I don't make much now as I'm in social work (reading stuff people write here in terms of what's...
On another note, someone I work with called my Guidi hikers Danners. She said, "Nice, I like your Danners." This ain't fuckin' Wild, this is fashunz
I love this discussion. Excellent work, y'all.
I'm looking at the navy wool blanket one but it's $$$ even from Japan. I think that I prefer the wool ones. This particular one doesn't have flap pockets which I like a bit more.
Cool thanks. I was actually looking at UM and how they said it was a small, so it's good to hear you went with a 2. I think I'm on a try and pick one up soon.
@dieworkwear You got a ring coat in 2? I was debating between a 1 or a 2. Both seem fine in length. I'm 5'9" and take a small in pretty much everything. anyone else have input for a good size to get? Johnathan from Bandanna recommended a 2, and I'm leaning towards that right now. But I don't know.
I don't know much about Zespa but I do know that Marg gats are my favorite/most comfortable fashion sneakers. So I'd keep those.
I would really like to hear from them about this. Isn't there a Viberg rep that posts on here? It's a good chance for them to explain it from their perspective or correct their mistake and give you back shipping. After all, isn't that the whole point of supporting a small brand? A small luxury brand at that?
My biggest issue... Made in USA/IT/JP doesn't mean made fairly—exploitation happens everywhere and is rampant in the US. It's a colonialist outlook, similar to what LA Bro describes, i.e. Western countries and Western-accepted countries are automatically superior.Which is why I tend to not give a shit about Made in China or Made in Japan. If it's good it's good, and you gotta trust that the brands you are choosing to support are making good decisions on production. You...
New Posts  All Forums: