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My boot camp consists of eating a whole Little Caesar's Hot n Ready. That is how I stay fit for my new stylistic direction: free-size only
just got a sound ad about some stupid dumb girl who will have an awesome wedding dress or some shit @LA Guy plx fix
Dbear the 3 is perfect. The tightness of the arms on the 2 actually throw me off for a denim jacket.
I love that video. Kroll Show is sometimes really way too overwhelming for me, but I like Rich Dicks and PubLizity
there's a stretch of psychic palm readers & head shops where a lot of crusties & train kids hang out, one of them might trade you their tattered robes for a bar of chocolate and 4 cigarettes
4 real come to atlanta. we don't have cool places to try on clothes but I have a spare bike and we can ride around in our fashunz and get paletas
synnth lookin st8 fuccboi that guy's coat in the photo of gracia
I didn't know so many people didn't know about f.lux I guess not everyone is a superior human being like me who stays up until 5 AM drinking Mountain Dew playing MMOs and looked for a solution for my tired eyes so I could stay awake longer in order to become the ultimate master of the realm It's kind of annoying if you happen to do design work at home, because your eyes get used to the comforting warm light but you have to turn it off to make sure your colors are right...
watch japanese people make shit. these are very cool. Here's two of the translated ones (unfortunately the sashiko one isn't translated, but the rest are still worth a watch even if you can't understand Japanese)
We're not even sure any of us might not even be a corndog, dude
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