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Hmmmm I'm not sure for taller guys. Might ask the guys at NMWA or Synth who is tall or other tall people
As mentioned before, EG has a great shawl collar knit robes if you can forgo the hood (which imo, I think a shawl collar is excellent for that type of look). These are from a few seasons ago and you can find them for pretty cheap these days. (this is the one I have. It's one of my favorites) And of course, I always plug nonnative for robes. "Logger" "Roamer" Not shawl collar but this is a flannel fabric that's awesome "Sleeper Gown"
Nice! I think you'll be pleased. Honestly, I feel like there are fewer things better than walkin' around, all cozied up with a thick, slouchy knit. You've probably seen these photos with Synth, which has the buffalo cowichan in it, but you get the idea. Cowichans are just amazingly comfortable and versatile. Don't get why people go crazy all over SNS Starks but sleep on these.
that Kapital coat is the best thing ever
This is 10th-Dan vest/stuff carrying gear. Amazing.
Impeccable styling in the first photo for that Leder coat. The contrast and complementary colors, the different textures present, just wonderful.
things yall sleepin on from the sale: Kanata Navy hand-knit cable-rope buttoned cardigan, 6-ply wool I have one of these. And I have another cowichan, too. I love cowichans. I don't understand how there's so many sizes left at this price. It's insane—these things are so thick, heavy, and warm it feels like you're enveloped in the coziest blanket ever, and it's so easy to style, especially a navy colorway. Just throw it on top of a button down, literally any color...
Yes, you have to have opted-in before the purchase.
At least the Braves have a good chance of bouncing back soon. I think it's downhill for the Falcons at this point. Makes me sad. Want to see Ryan and Julio with a ring.
Atlanta sports. Welcome to my hell.
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