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Was actually looking at a lot of Warby frames. Are they not nice? OP is good but honestly not so much better than other stuff I've had, I just like the designs. Hard to find a browline that I like. The OP feels a bit flimsy cause of how thin they are but I guess you win some and you lose some
Good thing you have all those baller knits for that frigid 70s Socal temperatures
They're Oliver Peoples Executive I
And like 4 other hillside scarves. basically just a 2011 hipster
Ahh these are so good. @troika excellent woodland, love how vivid everything is after/during rain. I can't believe some of the snow ya'll are getting. It's crazy!
But does any of that matter if all you do is hang around coffee shops or sit for 8 hours a day? It's good for nerding out but in terms of practicality, it's whatever.
That is really bizarre, I'd definitely email Nepenthes or something about it. Maybe they can do something about it, but I've got some EG stuff going on years of hard wear.
Should do a cool collab with Seil Marschall or some other backpack maker
That being said all those brands have pretty great builds from what I've experienced.Any Dayton long shirts in Small available anywhere?
A beautiful cardigan from Avakareta Life collection from Undercover (AW10/11). It's tagged a SIZE 2, but as many of you know, 2 is usually a small in Undercover while a 1 is usually an extra small. This is oversized and generally I consider it free size. It's got a beautiful, emerald green cast with some specks of brown thrown in there. The Evergreen Consignment photo is more indicative of the color, my photos muddle the colors a bit and makes it seem more brown. The...
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