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Had the chance to wear my fair isle fleece jackets for a few days lately, 40s - 50s with sometimes wind chill bringing it down further. I'm very pleased with if, stayed warm and toasty throughout with just a button up and leaving the jacket opened. It'll def see a lot of wear this fw. I also have a thick as shit EG corduroy landsdown that even made me a bit uncomfortably hot these past few colder days. I was suprised but happy, will probs be my beater jacket for outdoorsy...
@thekunk07 why don't you ever post your EG fits
Let me know if you end up want to sell that cycling jacket. We get like 3 months in Georgia.
^It's pretty fucking awful
Really only relatively recently has Grailed become a superior selling place. Especially when they started paying Paypal fees, lots of people got off their asses and posted a lot of stuff. Before then moving stuff on Grailed was still pretty slow and prone to the same exact shit that happens here: low balls, stopped communications, etc. It overall wasn't that great of a platform for quite a while, but I guess at this point they've got more momentum now and a much more...
why does this guy look so familiar does he post here
ToJ was ultimately less about MtM and more about Drew's presence as well as the fact that he was making great jackets at great prices. MtM was a shitshow and produced so many ill-fitting jackets and ugly combinations of shit. Granted, fit problems may be alleviated through actually visiting the tailor etc, but I think that there is already so much awesome stuff out there that if you aren't able to choose custom hardware or custom fabrics, there's really no point.I think...
Maybe it's like one of those cute shirts that have photos of one person and another person's name like whoa dude watch out, why does Morgan Freeman look like Samuel L. Jackson? But only botanists would understand this one. And then they'd ask you where you got your sweater and you're all like "it's vintage Raf Semen" and they're like "oh is that like Patagonia?" and you're all "no it's from antwerp! GOSH" and then the academic community blacklists you and you can only...
New Posts  All Forums: