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Cool, I might take a look at the Momo milk book. I leafed through the original momo book and wasn't too impressed by what I saw (it looked like a nice coffee table book but not something I'd use to cook). I used to make a shit ton of croissants. Have fun with those-- they were really frustrating to me at first, but I got really good at it
Cool, thanks. I have been wanting a sous vide thing and have good things about the Anova.I kinda want a kitchenaid too, which model did you buy? What do you do with it? I used my room mate's a lot a while back when I was baking a lot, but these days I don't bake nearly as much...
I look fuckin good in my vis lhamo. Like a godamned Japanese indigo artisan. Like all the white folk see me wearin that shit and they're like "whoa, this guy must be my hibachi waiter. 1 swordfish steak with some fried rice please" and menswear dudes be like "I bet this guy has vats of fermenting indigo all up in his home" and white girls see it on my OK Cupid profile and be like "I didn't know I had yellow fever" BOOM WHAT'S THAT ARE YOU SERIOUS ARE THOSE BUTTONED...
Should I buy birk bostons? Is this even a question I should be asking? Do I even fashion anymore? It was sunny and nice today (like 68 deg) but I felt tired and stayed inside. Maybe buying spring things will make me go outside? It's supposed to rain all week. Back to wearing wal mart cargo pants and my Dana Lee shit since I can just get that muddy as hell and toss it in the wash and dryer. But do I buy birks?
In other news I snagged a new Le Creuset 7.25 qt dutch oven for only $150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come to my house for trapped wild squirrel stew!!!
I know a bunch of guys who have a farm outside the city... they basically built their own place and continue expanding it and shit. They're all carpenters, electricians, metalworkers, etc so they have a kinda cool off the grid thing goin on. Last time I was there they had just finished digging out this giant pit to build an outdoor steam/sweat room.http://onetawoodworks.com/It is funny seeing these guys make furniture for high end restaurants and boutiques and then going...
ohhh, that seeds shirt looks awesome, but my size (4) is sold out. thanks for the recs guys!
where to buy long shirt? I know TS(s) has some but... can't find in my size. Help me please.
where did you get this? is it the 1940s cut? That's the only OL cut I like, but I quite like this fabric
You can't really compare pho with ramen-- they're pretty different dishes. It really doesn't make sense to just say ramen either, since there are so many vastly different styles of ramen...there isn't even consistency in the actual noodles themselves. Makes no sense to say ramen is better than pho or vice versa, because it's like saying hot dogs are better than burgers. I mean, the concept is the same but they fill two completely different places in food. With pho you...
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