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Oh, I mean, I'm definitely interested in good discourse on fashion. I appreciate the stuff that you, Sipang, and many others post. That was mostly a dumb, exaggerated knee-jerk comment.I think that lamenting the death of "serious fashion" is silly, because for 99% of people out there, especially when we're talking about the context of mass consumption, just simply don't give a fuck and find it boring. Even so, a small subset of fashion enthusiasts would be interested in...
Thank God. Taking clothes seriously enough to the point of analyzing it like that sounds absolutely inane and profoundly boring
@conceptual 4est @gdl203 What are the odds you guys can get IMMIGRANT shirts because fuck grailed?
You the Uncliest Nephew ever bb ;')
YES PEOPLE WANT ITEverybody should have some gochujang and gochugaru in their cabinets anyways
Dude! I was thinking soondubu jjigae would be a perfect recipe for this theme! I was thinking about doing it but I don't have #trukpop blood in me; I can't wait to see it, man!
I would consider the armholes high.
Now taking pre-orders at
You sure? As far as I can tell your feet are nebulous and don't have a definite size connected to this human world
If you weren't able to snag a copy of ASC-01, here is an online upload of it! It uploaded spreads as single pages and I can't be assed to fix it or ask Hayden to fix it, but you get the gist. This is what you get for viewing printed ephemera digitally, anyways! The theme for ASC-01 was "Place," so leaf through it to see how people interpreted it and how it might influence their style! Consider submitting to ASC-02, which is themed "Softness." I hope to see great...
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