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Ya, boots will be fine but vibram soles in general doesn't do well in icy conditions. Slush you may be OK, but they get extremely slippery on ice.
First soles are newer, second soles are from older models, I think 2011. They both perform equally shitty in icy/snowy conditions. I would not recommend it as a "winter" boot. Vibram gets pretty slippery
I would go with the kangs. I don't think black virgils look good, and pics of aged kangaroo always look great
These are very cool shoes. I had them for a while but sold them cause they look kinda weird worn, but they are very pretty to look at. Be warned that the rubberized leather or whatever will start to crack at high usage areas and make it look not that great imo
There is this quote from Hiroki in a GQ interview that I came across while I was looking for reasons as to why Vis manufactures lots of footwear in China.GQ: What are some of your favorite pieces from the women's collection, designed by your wife Kelsi?Nakamura: I love the Handsewn Goodyear shoes. It's expensive, but we work with manufacturers in China who do it by hand. It's going to be more difficult to do a handsewn Goodyear welt. It's the Goodyear construction, but the...
I think you are in the clear if you have the box and all the accessories (holograms, etc) though. Or have they started faking those too? All of the fake stuff I've seen doesn't come with a box.
True, I will definitely agree that it's worth it on sizing correctly. But no one here seems to have a problem with extreme sizing problems-- it's like half a size difference, which I think is very reasonable considering individual differences in feet and fit preferences. I'm just talking about the neurosis that affects a lot of styleforum...finding a perfect fit, which I think is very difficult and lofty for most. I think you've figured yours out for Visvim since you've...
I dunno. I think you guys are being really neurotic. Ever since I wore DBSS sneakers with the 1-2-3 sizing, it just doesn't bother me if things aren't a perfect fit, and honestly I think that is a much better system to work with. There are lots of ways to solve fit problems-- different socks, insoles, etc. I think a lot of people still say TTS on Virgs, but maybe half a size down works well for others, but I would absolutely hate half a size down on mine. Then there's the...
What size were they?
Cool. I have one in a size up, and I don't think it's too long. I know it's cut short, but I think with the Lhamo it's easy to be a little more fluid with sizing advice depending on the desired fit. I just really hate how short they can be. I just like to see sizes people buy and the resulting fit!Dharma Trading is an amazing place. Their natural dyes are very cool, and I've also had experience with their chemical dyes that have held deep black for 6+ months, which never...
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