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Does anyone know of a good cobbler that takes mail orders? I have had 0 success with multiple shoe repair places in Atlanta, and even Sid Mashburn told me that they send all of their stuff out to a place in NY. F+J Western Wear? Are they still dope? What are the best places? For general resoling, Vibram, etc.
I bet y'all thought this died. Another project on the internet that never went through. NOT TRUE. We have some exciting news very soon, so stay tuned. We've been working very hard (especially @artishard116, big ups to him) very quietly. I'm so excited!
The sole is a leather sole with an embossed Vibram timberland shape on it, with rubber heel. It's not printed on, but it's not too useful either. Nothing a topy won't fix though.
Size 7 Hender Timbs are a steal at that price. For those wondering, I'm a 43 MMM gat, 10.5 nike, 44 Guidi hiker, 10 Visvim, and took a 6 and they're perfect.
There's Yohji "this is my dream", which is cool.
I agree. After teaching for 4 years, it's not just education, it's a societal and cultural value. I think it greatly depends on how you grew up and where you come from.I come from an immigrant family, too, subsistence farmers in fact. Very recent—I came over in the early 90s at the tail end of the refugee program after the Vietnam war. We literally came over here from nothing. I don't make much now as I'm in social work (reading stuff people write here in terms of what's...
On another note, someone I work with called my Guidi hikers Danners. She said, "Nice, I like your Danners." This ain't fuckin' Wild, this is fashunz
I love this discussion. Excellent work, y'all.
I'm looking at the navy wool blanket one but it's $$$ even from Japan. I think that I prefer the wool ones. This particular one doesn't have flap pockets which I like a bit more.
Cool thanks. I was actually looking at UM and how they said it was a small, so it's good to hear you went with a 2. I think I'm on a try and pick one up soon.
New Posts  All Forums: