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LAST DAY TO ENTER THE STYLEFARM I'm sure you have some outdoors photos from this past weekend!
I mean with most successful projects there's gotta be dreams and realism. You need both types of people to work together to push each other to achieve long-lasting progress, otherwise you'll just end up burning up all your fuel or becoming jaded. This is from many, many years of non-profit work where pretty much most people are big idea dreamers. I think they can be successful, and I really like what they're doing. But I'm just so tired of the "slow" moniker and movement,...
"nothing good comes from raising and slaughtering animals" .........ummmm charcuterie? Joking aside, I like that lots of brands are more socially and environmentally conscious, but their About page just reeks of buzz buzz. I mean, it's like literally every single vendor at every single farmer's market I've been to. They have a good idea in the Stories angle, but then they muddy it with overused and trite philosophy on sustainability and positive change At least some...
@thatoneguy Also managed to find something at Mr Porter I wanted with the extra 20% off as well. Was surprised this was there in my size still
Was actually looking at a lot of Warby frames. Are they not nice? OP is good but honestly not so much better than other stuff I've had, I just like the designs. Hard to find a browline that I like. The OP feels a bit flimsy cause of how thin they are but I guess you win some and you lose some
Good thing you have all those baller knits for that frigid 70s Socal temperatures
They're Oliver Peoples Executive I
And like 4 other hillside scarves. basically just a 2011 hipster
Ahh these are so good. @troika excellent woodland, love how vivid everything is after/during rain. I can't believe some of the snow ya'll are getting. It's crazy!
But does any of that matter if all you do is hang around coffee shops or sit for 8 hours a day? It's good for nerding out but in terms of practicality, it's whatever.
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