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Where did you order from? Ssense? I have a 8oz denim Lhamo coming in. IDEALLY I would've won my bid on this lhamo kuba (corduroy + vintage japanese fabric accents), but it went up to $400 and life is hard
What is even your life. I want it
hey nicelynice is there anything you don't do?
Depends on what shirt you're looking at. If you're looking at prints or the more exotic fabrics, I would not go with J. Crew sizing since the waist taper can be pretty intense. Oxfords, etc you can be safe with the same size. Then again my cherry seersucker fits like a M but I bought a S, so really you have to gamble a lot
Buying EG is so weird. Some places you have to call in some places you can just buy. I don't understand it. Why do they even do that?
Fucking Hiroki, man. Just let us buy stuff
Buy some Gitman x Unionmade and then sell it to me for cheaper
honestly if you aren't willing to commit a lot of time to it, making noodle dishes with broths won't ever turn out amazing. It's a lot of effort, maybe you can speed it up with a pressure cooker but I don't own one. The plus side is that, if you have a huge stock pot, you can spend a day to make a big ass pot of broth, eat a bowl or two fresh, and freeze the rest for whenever you're hungry. This is what I do in the winter.
indesertum is right, the charring of the ginger and onions is only for the broth. I don't think there is a consensus about the etymology of pho, as there's evidence for influence from both French vocabulary and Chinese vocabulary. The method for making a good pho broth is very much like pot au feu. banh xeo is amazing. I'm craving it now too
hah, I've dreamed of owning a noodle shop way into the future. maybe like a Vietnamese noodle place: pho, bun, mi. Every month do a different pop-up menu too featuring noodles from different parts of Asia. Possibilities are endless! Just think, your favorite pho place also serves a rotating menu of amazing Asian noodles too? At least, that's the place I wish existed because I would live there Two things have really upped my broth game for my noodles: using a dashi base...
New Posts  All Forums: