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Pay for me and I will personally travel with you to Vietnam and translate for you and make sure they don't poison your food/scam you right off the airport and show you all the best fishing holes and take snake blood shots with you (you can have the heart) and show you the best late night barbecue skewer places (hint: any random dude with a grill on the side of the street). As a bonus I will teach you Vietnamese insults, explain cultural traditions, how to kill mudskippers...
you should eat this squirrel. i have a great squirrel stew recipe that's perfect for winter. I'll even show you how to process squirrels you catch
@Synthese The Fall, definitely definitely definitely. I think its cheesy sentimentality can be right up your alley, but nowhere near as affected as Anderson Nolan's The Prestige, maybe? Takes itself a bit seriously (it's Nolan) but nonetheless very enjoyable Every october I find myself watching stuff like Brotherhood of the Wolf, too. How about Interview with a Vampire? It worms its way into a repeated viewing a lot, even though I know it's not the best
Trunk show seemed like a good time. Next time!
Good buy, my most worn jacket this season so far. re:shawl knit It's supposed to be pretty long and oversized, don't think it's really fem at all. Super comfy. Does any place still have the homespun bedford in S? Thinking it's about time to pick it up
Yeah I've harvested hundreds of baby gem corns for the MC side to wear on their lapels / as cuff links / bedazzle their monksFor the SWDers I've brought white oak leafs splattered with white paint that I'll be selling it for $100 each. They are handpainted by a bunch of interns in lab coats. For $200 I'll upgrade the leaf to magnolia (more durable and thicker than white oak, even though white oak is a lot more supple and "feels" softer. You can get into a knife fight at a...
I'll come and pretend I'm nahneun and only karaoke Taylor Swift songs
2k moncler w shit for $200, bologny shit for super cheap, like $10 hillside stuff, $45 Mt Rainier jackets and vests,
Got a call from appliance dude that he was on his way at 7:55 AM. Checked my email and got first dibs on the stuff on the UM sale-- there was some crazy, crazy shit there for so cheap it was like robbery. Just picked up a hillside scarf and 2 shirts though.
just kidding fuck you spope i only want my energy blades from this guy
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