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Was there an extra code for Revive? I swear I used one not too long ago but can't find it anymore.
Robert Geller x CP Chelseas in a bunch of colorways and sizes at Mevyn $360 These still popular? I think there might be a coupon code that stacks, too, can't remember
I unfortunately gave my Minolta to an ex and now she's run away with it. I need to get a new one!Digital is nice though, because I use it professionally too, is the only thing.
Gitman is one of my favorite shirt producers. They used to do pretty safe fabrics and cuts, with a few fun and crazier prints. These days it seems like the majority of it is prints (terrible prints, and anyone who knows me knows my love of prints) with some weird cuts (their long shirt is terrible).I don't know, I hope they re-evaluate their vision as I don't want to see them go belly up. Prices have creeped up crazier and crazier, it seems to have stabilized in the past...
Damn man, the low light and indoor quality is excellent. I'm seriously considering it again. I've stopped taking photos as much on the X-E1 because it just feels so clumsy now. Excellent work, would LOVE to see more if you've got it
Hey man, this was a joke about how most of the dudes who seemed to be into BoO online/I knew were skinny, short, and Jewish transplants from New York. I could've also replaced it with thin, Asian prepsters, too. You're right, there are lots of people who are skinny and not too tall from every race and religion.
Not to mention only fitting a specific body type: skinny, white not too tall Jewish dudes from New York
Junya dinklebinkles in black for Size 10 for ~$370 @ Totakaelo with code TAKE25 Black
Aside from the brand recognition/marketing aspect of it, I think that when you run an artisanal brand there's generally an ethos that you have to follow. And lots of hard work. Brand recognition. As a designer and creator yourself, I'm sure you're more familiar than anyone that it's not just the products that you're selling; you're also essentially selling a philosophy. It's much easier to fake someone's product with a following than building it all on your own. I don't...
Thanks. I think I might pick up a pair of 43s. Really hope they fit!
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