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I didn't save the PSD
Pretty obvious who wins this challenge....
I over pronate quite a bit, like you, but my Virgils have held up much better than my other boots. Dunno why. I think you'll be OK though, depending on how heavy your overpronation is. I haven't resoled mine in 2 years and probably won't need to for at least another 1.5
I'd pass on that soloist piece alex. I think individually Soloist pieces are very attractive, but then you get them and it's kinda like... now what? Some people do it very well but personally for me I think Soloist looks best almost all out hobo
Yes, definitely. I think as a whole brutalism requires more upkeep and context to look "nice." There are lots of styles of architecture that look great and evoke awesome imagery even as they deteriorate, but brutalism is not one of those. Those DC structures are horrifying
1. EO TO TO - Sunbathing woman jacquard v-neck sweater What is wrong with you people? Why is there still a full size run of this thing? Look at the beautiful scene on the sweater: a lady with nice, round buttocks sunbathing on a serene beach, and oh, what's that? Are those seashells? And a boat out in the distance? Jesus, it's got everything. This sweater is literally art, from the pleasant color scheme to the peaceful scene that makes you remember those carefree...
Obviously brutalism will look nice if it's kept up and has nice surroundings as well as good interior design. Esp the juxtaposition of brutalist architecture surrounded by greenness and natural light makes it very pleasing. There is some of it in Atlanta and it's very dreary and depressing, pretty much you can imagine the interior smelling like 30 year old filing cabinets. I dunno, maybe it's because I've spent a time working for the federal government but I hate that...
That would be so cool NN. take pics if you go!
Ya, boots will be fine but vibram soles in general doesn't do well in icy conditions. Slush you may be OK, but they get extremely slippery on ice.
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