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Gonna be sad if those cargos are like $400 H&Musually looks pretty good. It just never feels good on the body and easily gets trashed after a few wears and washes. Though I did have lots of slim H&M pants for work a few years back that I loved. So many coupons to get em for like $10 and they lasted quite a while. No such success with anything else I've ever owned from them
I had a pair of danners I wore for a very long time. They are heavy boots and not that comfortable.
I will be in PDX again this year in August. come hang with me / tell me things you really think I should do again. visited tanner, frances may, and steven alan last year. Was cool seeing the Tanner space. I was thinking of scheduling to see Kiriko's studio since they seem cool. Anyways. recs if you have em
grey/white ones with creme sole
Varg has actually been mentioned quite a lot here. He's got a good look to him, basically a Junya model
That's what I'm sayin. The user base is horrible. It's one thing to send in offers when I explicitly say "Not taking offers" but it's another to still send an especially curt offer of "do (75% of asking price) shipped". eBay used to be horrible to deal with people but honestly I've had the most pleasant transactions there lately. Don't know what it is...
And is it just me or is every market place exceptionally slow these days? I miss the early days of B&S and Sufu where stuff would move relatively quickly
Proxies are more or less the same price, none are really going to be cheaper/more expensive at this point in time. Try From Japan or ZenMarket. Personally prefer From Japan because of their rewards, though Zen Market has some sleeker design
Looks great! I think doing the repairs yourself and having the end product look like that really fits the whole vibe of EG anyways
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