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2k moncler w shit for $200, bologny shit for super cheap, like $10 hillside stuff, $45 Mt Rainier jackets and vests,
Got a call from appliance dude that he was on his way at 7:55 AM. Checked my email and got first dibs on the stuff on the UM sale-- there was some crazy, crazy shit there for so cheap it was like robbery. Just picked up a hillside scarf and 2 shirts though.
just kidding fuck you spope i only want my energy blades from this guy
Your hair looks excellent and how much for an energy beam katana???
Fairisle fleece blazer is getting mad wear. It will pill quite a bit in high friction areas but it's so godamn comfy...wore it hiking and fly fishing a lot lately and it's nice. Worth the retail tag i paid. Shawl knit on the other hand hasn't gotten any wear.... 86 degrees today. Want to get cozy soon
pm me add
Had the chance to wear my fair isle fleece jackets for a few days lately, 40s - 50s with sometimes wind chill bringing it down further. I'm very pleased with if, stayed warm and toasty throughout with just a button up and leaving the jacket opened. It'll def see a lot of wear this fw. I also have a thick as shit EG corduroy landsdown that even made me a bit uncomfortably hot these past few colder days. I was suprised but happy, will probs be my beater jacket for outdoorsy...
@thekunk07 why don't you ever post your EG fits
Let me know if you end up want to sell that cycling jacket. We get like 3 months in Georgia.
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