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where to buy long shirt? I know TS(s) has some but... can't find in my size. Help me please.
where did you get this? is it the 1940s cut? That's the only OL cut I like, but I quite like this fabric
You can't really compare pho with ramen-- they're pretty different dishes. It really doesn't make sense to just say ramen either, since there are so many vastly different styles of ramen...there isn't even consistency in the actual noodles themselves. Makes no sense to say ramen is better than pho or vice versa, because it's like saying hot dogs are better than burgers. I mean, the concept is the same but they fill two completely different places in food. With pho you...
In other news I was at an assembly at one of my schools today, and it was called the "No C Campaign." Basically they had a DJ and lots of rap music to get the kids pumped up to get A's and B's. There was a shmoney dance competition. I would've won if they let me compete. Anyways, the prize for getting all A's or B's? A trip to Disney World. My mom whupped my ass if I got a B, and my reward for all A's was like a bowl of rice and some durian cake or some shit. Oh, it's...
I do a lot of work in inner city schools. You'd be surprised at how young the @Synthese fuccboi look pervades
Man, I hear you. Every time I put on my Dana Lee Waffle Knit Jacket ™ I am 99.5% about to make waffles. When I take it off, I know Waffle Making Time is over. I don't know why everyone is ganging up on you-- clothes have history and represent ideas and lifestyles, especially functional clothes.I see these fuckers, man, these assholes, at my favorite brunch place, and they're wearing Waffle Jackets? I hear J. Crew is making Waffle Jackets now too. What the fuck? I spent...
hah. katsuragi fabric is just a twill. like the above link, usually a blend of cotton/poly. I've owned a pair of nonnative katsuragi pants and it's nothing special.
car died. no crank. no start. Should've been a car guy. Should've been interested in cars. Shouldn't have been interested in fashunz and plants. No one really needs to care this much about kasuri fabric. No one really needs to know what fucking tree that is. Fuck that tree. That tree doesn't even care what it is. Should've been a car guy.
One time I was wearing my virgils fly fishin for some bluegill, stompin around the lake and shit. Decided there were more fish on the other side of the bank, so I romped through the woods and sank 1 ft deep into the mud then slipped and fell all over my EG pants. I could see Hiroki's and Daiki's gaze from afar as they shed a tear for how godamned authentic my life was at that moment
You'll be fine. I've shrunk stuff that way before by simply soaking it in really hot water (steaming) in a bucket, pretty delicate stuff, too. Just make sure to dry it properly (lay flat) and it'll be OK. If it worries you though and you're not happy, I'd return it.
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