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I really like them. I want a pair so bad but haven't been successful in finding a pair in my size at a reasonable price. They are a good choice if you like chunky-ish derbies and like to wear rolled pants a lot. Otherwise I think virgil boots are more robust
Maybe I just live in a different world or something but spending $20k on something that isn't a robot that gives bespoke handjobs and makes perfect poached eggs is insane Hell if you really wanted to show you are a primetime businessman buy a live shark with that 20k. Take it to your meetings. Nothing shows the ability to close a deal like an apex predator
I bought a pair of roughout bobcats (but they didn't fit) after owning a pair of virgils for a really long time, so honestly everyone should just buy both.
Viberg is a good alternative. I have quite liked what I've seen and tried on from them. No experience with OSB since I've no interest in it. I wouldn't wear Virgils in snow. The soles can get pretty slippery once they wear in, especially on slushy/icy surfaces.
get the burgundy virgilsHaving owned both FraCap and Diemme boots, it's not worth it. They aren't the same silhouette as Virgils in the first place and not nearly as comfortableno
I liked Black Swan a lot. That's a bit more of the psychological aronofsky I like better
I love Gitman prints, even some of the weird ones. I own a lot... Dragonfly print, 3 florals, sakura woodblock print, purple aztec llama print, but lately it's just been crazy. Don't know what they're thinking or who even buys this stuff.
you still in pdx? i'll be there for a weekend in aug. send me recs to visit!!
fw prints suck really hard so far. The prints are getting dumber and dumber, like trying to be too ironic or whatever. Hardwood floor print, jean ass print, etc... like the hot topic of button ups
http://shop.creaturesofcomfort.us/search.aspx?manufacturer=461 vis for yr lady
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