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Still lowballed you by $1
Also have been looking at Undercover stuff and found some knit sleeve riders from 2009. Makes me want to get one again. Still have never seen this Aoyama special edition one... would love to see it in person. But the fit on that jacket is so weird... awkwardly long body that's really tight, small armholes with big and long sleeves... honestly don't think I've ever seen a fit pic of it being worn that's been good
I want to buy a pair of nonnative timberland look-alikes. Why can't I just be happy with normal timbs
Nice. 84 for an ICT release ain't bad.
Damn, did you get the small? I wanted to grab it but it was sold out!
How much were those buried virgils? I actually really love the mud-dyed ones from a while back. Also think it's hilarious that you said they let you buy them.
This is actually pretty cool. Generally I'm not into Mister Freedom but the colored strings or whatever are really pleasant. $400 for a shirt though, I'd sooner spend that on a belt
I don't need no godamn advice on how to build a collection of belts. What would anyone do with 60–70 belts?
Yeah, which is why it'sThat's the thing, more and more I start to feel like it's not worth it (or rather, it's just increasingly impossible to fully support artisan clothing and shops). As much as I love a throstle-spun alpaca knit, I still had to wait to get it at 70% off, and it was still more expensive than what most people would consider reasonable. I want to be able to buy things at retail, but it can't happen. I stopped buying anything but cheap, outlet outdoors-wear...
I am really embarrassed by how much I spend on clothing, but then I'm a fucking peasant compared to most of y'all here. It takes me 3 weeks to convince myself to buy a $200 tech gadget I've been wanting, but it only takes 5 minutes to convince myself that $900 on a coat that's ON SALE is so worth
New Posts  All Forums: