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I got those brown s21m's a few pages back. Thanks for posting 'em. Hopefully they fit.
Just quoting this because @sipang I don't know how you do it bud, but you do it
DWW's stuff was a critique of consumption CA, which is admittedly different from producer CA.But this is a tough one, good for thought and reflection. I always go back and forth on who "owns" trauma stories.
Submit to our 2nd edition! I wanna let people know that the theme is a very broad, guiding line. It's there to have something to tie all these interpretations together, but as you can see from our digital first edition, we got such a wide breadth of stuff that pretty much anything goes.I'd especially love some writing or poetry, or a combo of writing and photos. thatoneguy had an excellent one on graffiti!This goes to everyone! If you're an amateur, or worried you're not...
Hey y'all, we're still taking submissions for ASC-02. Would love to see some of the creative stuff we have here. If y'all have purchased a physical copy of issue 1, you know how badass the production was. I'd love for y'all to chime in to so that people know how high quality it was! If you weren't able to snag a copy of ASC-01, here is an online upload of it! It uploaded spreads as single pages and I can't be assed to fix it or ask Hayden to fix it, but you get the gist....
how y'all gonna go and buy all the the mt fuji kimonos already it's been 18 hours that's that shit I want
You're right. Though, it's much easier to find different cultures' foods than it is to find clothes. Arguably, to me, food is much more tied to personal identity than clothes these days with increasing globalization and the pervasiveness of Western influence in clothes. I think that the claim of ownership falls much more on producers than it does on consumers.
Well, I think that's linked directly to political economy. For the most part in my experience, locals like outsiders and foreigners because of the fact that you bring in money for them. Plus, the fact that in general, it's also more of a sign of respect because you're buying things made by the people of that culture. Wearing it is symbolically saying, "I appreciate what you've made" in that context. I'm sure in higher echelons of social class and intellectuals, people...
I think I'm gonna give it a try then. Yeah, I don't know how to get side zips on. My nonnative ones are a pain to put on.
Will the instep stretch (I know it's probably dependent on the leather, but figured I'd ask people anyways)? I've never tried CDiem and y'all make it seem like the instep is pure pain.
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