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holy moly I need the orange/brown knit
I think it works. Jacket and shirt fit look great to me, I'm a bit iffy on the pants. I like rolls/cuffs on pants for NB, and maybe just a bit slimmer cut to balance out the slimness of the top. Either go a bit looser up top or a bit slimmer down below, your choice
They are so easy to wear! I think if you found the right print it would work very well for you still. I'd love to see some of the muted Dries prints thrown into your wear
http://www.southwillard.com/collections/sale-2/japanese-crest-chambray-shirt some M should pick this up. It's an awesome shirt. One of my favorites that I've purchased from Gitman in the past few seasons
Christ I love Gardener's World so much. I've binge watched that show like people binge watched Lost
Maybe I will enter
This guy has no idea what he's talking about. He basically mentioned every made-up drawback possible without any benefits. Please. He's never seen anyone look good in linen pants? Look at WAYWT...
@thatoneguy started something I think. It may have been a general "look at this" thread or something but it may have been an intimate look into SF members' masturbation dungeons and yaoi collections, I can't remember.
I'm going to be real: if my decor represented honest living on my behalf, it would be an empty room, messy bed, pants all over the floor (fuck pants), some empty pizza boxes, and a half-empty carton of month old Yoohoo as the centerpiece. There is no better place to lie to yourself and others than in your own home.
I know a vegetarian viet girl. Her dad complains everytime they go out to eat at a viet restaurant saying that it tastes like shit. Seriously tho there is no good veg pho. I firmly believe you shouldn't even be allowed to make it
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