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Who would you cast for lead actress of Gravity? Bullock did exceptionally well considering the goofy-ass dialogue.
It is a nice shirt, but would prefer it if it was long-sleeved... you just have more options to wear it without looking like a visor wearin hot dog eatin dude (not that there's anything wrong with eating hot dogs)
ime EG is almost equivalently priced in the Japan as it is in the US.
Check out Cú và chim se sẻ (2007) - Stephane Gauger, Ba Mùa (1999) - Tony Bua, and of course Vượt Sóng (2006) - Ham Tran. If you only end up watching one, watch Vượt Sóng first. There's not much in directors, really, in Vietnamese cinema, more single but notable and enjoyable films. Most of it deals with capitalism/communism, war/post-war Vietnam, and immigrant life, etc. Speaking of Tran Anh Hung, I really wish Norwegian Wood was better than it was.Yeah, that particular...
Come on, dude. The Wrestler? You gotta like that (at least I do, a lot. My life from elementary school thru middle school on Thursdays and Mondays pretty much revolved around pro wrestling), and he made Mickey Rourke seem like a person instead of a slab of rock?? That's impressive on at least some levels. Black Swan is good too, though is more polarizing I think.I always find myself really asking what subtle stuff I'm missing while I'm watching foreign films, and it makes...
I love that piece. Always wanted one
nonnative is pretty cheap, relative to a lot of other brands. It's about EG priced.
I watched the French version a long time ago and it's a looooooot better. It's hard to really put into words, but the english dub doesn't have a lot of the je nai se quoi you get when you're watching a film from a different culture/language than your own. Highly recommend the French version.Also check out A Town Called Panic if you enjoyed E&S. By the same animation studio and it's fun flick
I own a lot of nonnative stuff and I really like it. It's all very solidly constructed, designs are great (if you are into heritage-y outdoorsy inspired stuff), and is relatively cheap. That said, I proxy all of it. I never pay US prices.
Last night I was this close to buying a Sassafras Leaf Jacket because it was "garden inspired." I had gotten home from potting up and transplanting a bunch of tomato seedlings at my community garden (yay planting season, it was 80 on the weekend, tonight is supposed to be 30.... nay GA weather) and trolling thru Y!JPN like usual and I stumbled upon a bunch of Sassafras shit. Particularly this one lightweight jacket, I was all like "Oh fuck, that's awesome, I can wear it...
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