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Idol dude has a lot of tattoos. cool how some of them are symmetrical too
whoa you are in DC? I was staying at a friend's place in capitol hill for a few days last week. should've had a little bam+g meet up
I mean if you just look at the wide variety of lines CdG has, she plays a lot with the lines of business/design. Take a look at mainline versus PLAY, which is basically a money grab.
Nepenthes drop on the fairisle fleece blazers. They have the beautiful, more muted brown/green colorway too.
EG forever & always
Gonna make an executive ruling and say that those hats, as awesome as they are, are not worth $336. I was thinking (read: hoping) half of that lol If they did source them from a hatmaker, I wonder why they didn't mention it. EG is pretty solid with collabos, EG x Trickers, EG x Vans, EG x land by land. I know nonnative uses the small Japanese hatmaker the comesandgoes and even those are usually marked
As far as I can tell, no, at least not on my shawl knit. They do a zig-zag stitch thru-out though, not just the circular stitching on the edges.
I actually like BoO, W+H, and OC.My favorite is probably nonnative, though. So many connotations to it and fits the brand perfectly. Our Legacy is solid, Undercover is great too. Of course, Engineered Garments is an excellent name.
I didn't see any EG when I stopped by the Woodlands store two weeks ago
The older I get the more I dislike Eva. These days I try not to watch any clips or episodes and just try to remember how cool and philosophical it was to 12 year old me
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