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The closest I got was the waxed cotton with brass eyelets from shoelaces express. Not sure where you can get stock laces. http://www.shoelacesexpress.com/waxedcottonrounddress.asp#Light Brown
Well, I'd say that the Reddit community is more relatable because it's more easily accessible, not necessarily because of its reflection on pop culture and tastes (which I agree with you there) . The structure of forums has never really been conducive to low-commitment or fast paced messaging; one of the things that I like about SF, SuFu, C-T, and even SZ is that it takes a certain level of commitment to post here and engage in discussion. As much as many of us would hate...
Ok well first off, dude, I went to care-tags and I don't see a single thread named after a cabbage. I was about to move on from SF if that were the case. I was mostly saying it was bizarre because I don't understand it. It's like you sowed some bacalan de rennes seeds and you water it all season long and BOOM, it turns out it's a fuckin' tete noire (what the fuck?), and during the night some fucker came by and painted a CdG play heart on it. Now you can't fucking eat...
the reddit streetwear sub is a bizarre place
But that would make you a fucking poser. Do you want to be a poser?
Obviously it's a hair brush
" A paperweight? A conversation piece? A work of art? It's up to you, " If you're gonna buy something that has multiple uses and meanings then at least get one of these
Also what shoe care regimen do you guys use on Vis boots? I've just been using Saphir Renovateur but I don't know, sometimes it doesn't feel or look that great. Any oil? I assume it's not much different from other boots, but there's so much conflicting information out there on what to use. Would like to know what some people have had good success with.
What do y'all look for? I would love to know how to tell fake from real. I guess I don't have much vis experience first hand, but you and Emixam seem pretty dang good at telling things real vs fake.
I like Levi's commuter shorts or you can check out some brands like Wilder and Sons. They're what I use for cheap shorts that are stretchy.
New Posts  All Forums: