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That's funny, I wear only tapered and slim cut pants with vibram You just gotta embrace the chunkiness. Vibram looks look best in a streetwear/outdoors bro context, not necessarily workwear (though I think it works very well there too). Think Visvim, White Mountaineering, etc. I personally own very few boots that are Dainite or leather soled, and have never felt that anything I've worn would be better if they had different soles. The chunkiness is part of the charm.
I like the rangerfinder-ish style of the XPRO2, as well as the looks of the XPRO2 better than the xt2. The fuji primes are also just feel so damn good on the xpro2. And damn the viewfinder is lovely. But yeah, the articulating screen and 4k video on the XT2 edge it over that direction to me. If the Xpro2 had those two features, I'd probably get it. Unfortunately don't want to wait for xpro3 or whatever.
Has dropped in price to $288. 44 45 41 in stock. In the sand colorway which is the best colorway. You fuckers
I think a straight walled saute pan with lid is very useful too. And a carbon steel wok.
When are designs due/how do we submit them?
I'm so excited. Please let me win. Please let me use green yarn.
fuck. yes.
Damn I gotta get that cape blanket thing
Damn. Wish I saw that deal. Would've loved it.
Was there an extra code for Revive? I swear I used one not too long ago but can't find it anymore.
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