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20% off - FINAL20 - No Man Walks Alone excellent price on BBJ patchwork sashiko jacket S L XXL doesn't get much cheaper than that
Would love to hear everyone's thoughts, and what they found to be their favorite parts of it. There's so many different things in that little book!
That's what Fok said, too!
On another note, I think my favorite is @thatoneguy's essay on PORK and the associated photos. I thought it captured the theme very well. And now that a lot of you will have seen what the product is, I urge you to submit to the next edition. It's a lot of fun!
Seriously, I'm blown away at the response. I'm glad you guys like it. Isn't it cool all the different types of stuff people sent in for the theme of "Place"? So cool. We're working on a new theme for the 2nd one right now, and it'll be a different direction. Expect an announcement soon. For international orders, orders of multiple copies, and the last 3 orders that trickled in at the end, yours will be going out next week. I apologize dearly for the delay, but I'm going...
I wish it wasn't paneled. I would've bought a shirt of just that print in a heartbeat
Wait if you don't wear boots what do you wear? I thought you weren't into lux sneakers either. That's all there is!!!
Only the privileged get to see the snakes. And by then, it's too late. Get them. Seriously. The best purchases are the most unexpected. Wear with Kapital jeans, throw some dust on them, a button up that's unbuttoned halfway for full sleaze, don shearling bomber or sashiko coat, throw more dust on em, ride into the sunset, never to be seen again. become reborn
I really like the concept. It's awesome and an excellent idea. When I looked on the website, it was really cool to see the quilt pattern up close. But, I'm not a big fan of the boxy but short fit on a lot of workwear inspired stuff, even though I tend to enjoy ww a lot. I think that type of fit is hard to pull off, and on top of that a throw on a quilted pattern? Hard to make it look good. I think worn on the body it looks bad, even in their official photos/photo that you...
They're ok. I like the concept but I just don't think they look particularly good or anything. But that's just preference for the pattern. Reminds me of kapital stuff.
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