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We are extending the submission deadline just a few days. You have until Sunday 11:59PM PST, March 6 to get em in!!! If you're slacking and wanna get something cool in, now is the time to do it!
Badass. Great idea, Gracia! Rais you are the star of fit competitions.
Hey everyone, got busy and called out of town for a couple of weeks. Anyways, we've got some great submissions so far, but would love to have more! Thank you to everyone who has submitted, we're hoping to make this as awesome as possible. Such a wide variety of stuff so far. Would love to see some more writing! @Synthese: anything you want, bud. I was hoping that the topic was broad enough that you could interpret it any way you'd like. Would definitely love to see...
About two weeks left to submit! If you've been putting it off, set aside an hour or two and send it in, we'd love to get some more submissions!
Winner is @Rosenrot! Now you get to make a challenge!
A little less than a month left to submit! Remember to send something in!
Anyone have any of the compressed wool stoles? Are they comfy and easy to work with? Thinking of picking up a couple
They pop up quite often on Rakuten/Y! JPN, but not many white ones
The Greg Lauren stuff looks cool. I think it would really take paying $$$$$ to look homeless to the next level. At least when all the Japanese patchwork stuff that looks trashy I can be like "Oh, you know, it's like Japanese concept and philosophy and stuff" and people just go "Oh wow that's really cool is that your heritage or something" Which reminds me, the other day I was watching a random episode of House-- the one about the guy who's a punk rocker and does drugs and...
Any Dayton long shirts released recently? I'd like to pick one up but kinda hard to find in Small. Would be super duper if I could find the pheasant print one from a couple season ago.
New Posts  All Forums: