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It really depends on how much you are into watches. If you are a fan of calibre, you will choose GO. No doubt about it. If you are more into the appearance of the watches, then you choose the one that fits your wrist best. Since you are solid 42R, I guess Zenith 44mm fits you better than GO 39mm. Zenith one is also thicker. So be sure that it fits under your shirt sleeve as you want it to be your dress watch. I have the Zenith Open Heart and two other GO watches....
They have RLPL cablenit pure cashmere sweaters in S, L for only 115$ (original 895$). Of course, they are all in others' cart.
Hi, is there a discussion on the quality of Neiman Marcus's Private Labeled cashmere sweaters? Any quality difference between Made In Italy and Made In Scotland? How do they compare to Brooks Brothers and Polo's offerings? Thanks!
This jacket has a 40R shoulder and 38R chest
Hi, any idea who made this shoe for Asprey London? Is it EG? Thx!
Why every buy it now item I clicked from ebay tells me the following? These items all have the $ sign beside their title in the search page. Am I missing sth.? Thx. Sorry, this transaction is not eligible for cashback. Please see the terms and conditions for eligibility requirements.
I had this issue with my Polo 100% silk sweater. I promptly returned the sweater to store...
Sure. I am just telling from my own experience...And EG is a low volume shoe
EG D width is similar to US C width, if not a bit more narrower.
I wish I am in your size~
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