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Filson description: http://www.filson.com/products/kettle-rich-brown-boots.59205.html My friend bought these only to realize they were just a little too big. No noticeable wear to soles. He applied Filson Tin Cloth dressing to the tin cloth, but other than that, I think these things are immaculate. Asking $120 shipped OBO.
RRL Straight 34x34 rigid, Made in USA, red line selvedge I bought these from RL in Chicago a few years back but retired them after 2 months of wear due to the waist stretching out and weight loss. I did one cold soak about a month in. They've sat in the back of my closet for a few years now. I did my best to take photos showing all the possible points of wear and dye loss. All were shot in natural light and some in direct sunlight to ensure that dye loss is visible,...
Duplicate Thread.
Debating picking up a pair of Thom Browne white selvedge denim and dying them either to a natural-ish color or red. I know it can be hard to get the dye strong enough, but I figure it's gotta be possible. Anyone have thoughts on this?
I'm interning in Beijing this summer and after just two weeks here, my well-loved Alden unlined shell cordovan penny's soles wore out (much to my surprise as I thought they still had some miles left in them.) I'd go without them and just send them off once I returned stateside, but I packed light and need each pair that I brought. Does anyone have any experience with a particular shoe repair store/cobbler in Beijing? I don't want to go somewhere randomly and end up with a...
I picked these up at RL in Chicago for my ex-girlfriend's birthday hoping they'd fit her. Close, but they just didn't work. I never got around to returning them so I have to sell them now. There are sanforized raw, RRL Vintage Straight jeans. RN # 41381. Originally paid 269.99. Measurements as I have them: Tagged- 26. They are men's jeans. Waist: 30" (measured along the inside of the waistband Front Rise: 8.5" Back Rise: 12.5" Inseam: 31.5" Thigh: 10" Knee (roughly):...
In law school so I'm short on time to research, which is why I'm in here. A friend of mine is looking to get into raw denim, but seeing as how we're built completely differently, I can't offer him much advice on what to look for. He's 6'3, pretty lanky, and currently wears 514's @32x34. Probably a true 31? Anyway, he's looking for a "slim straight" cut that's similar to the 514s (after break in) and has Nudie Grim Tims in his sights, but nothing else. He's undecided on...
First day back in my BJ's in 6 weeks. I missed these. Question, does anyone else have a problem where the extra folded material inside the buttonhole side of the fly is causing accelerated wear to the left side of the crotch? There's just one spot that is being worn down and I'm debating if I should just cut off the sharp corner of the excess fabric on the inside so that doesn't eventually start a hole at the base of a whisker.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chucks29 wow, i have the exact same jeans but just 4 mths wear and hardly faded .. this is great looking fades ... how many washes & soaks ? My Gaps are at 7-ish months and began showing real signs of wear at about 6 months. They're retired until I can't stand to wear the NFxBJ's in the heat, anymore, but I figure a wash by the end of the summer will bring out some more character.
I was in Barney's yesterday and saw them. They look pretty legit, but I can't imagine seeing someone in those every day.
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