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Does anyone know what it really takes to get into a top 5 MBA program? I just took the GMAT and surprisingly scored a 730. The average for Harvard is 720. I never thought about applying until I got my score. Is GMAT heavily weighted by admissions committees or do I have to have some connections or unusual circumstance? I have a bachelors of science in electrical enginering from ASU with a 3.9gpa and only two years work experience. Should I wait for more experience? I...
Thanks for the tips everyone! As an update we have gone ahead and bought tickets to Nicaragua. Ometepe looks awesome but I don't think we will have time. I'm planning 3.5 days in Granada with short trips to Lago de Apoyo, massaya volcano, zip line at Mombacho, and kayaking the isletas. We are going to stay at the Hotel Colonial Grande. Figure it is worth doing one of the nicest hotels in Granada for only $75 a night rather than suffer Hostels. After Granada we plan 3.5...
A google search for "safest country in central america" does the trick. I'm thinking of staying away from Managua. Granada and The Corn Islands are on the top of my list of places to go there. It is good to hear some real opinions though considering that statistic could just be marketing hype
Nicaragua is supposedly the safest country in Central America. Guatemala on the other hand has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world. ..
Guatemala is pretty dangerous, no?
Anyone have any experience traveling to Nicaragua? I'm looking to do a trip to somewhere in Central America for 7-9 days. Nicaragua seems to not be very touristy and it's cheap. I was thinking a few days in Granada and then going to Big Corn Island for 3-4 days. Any suggestions on places to go or things to do? My girlfriend does not want to do Costa Rica because she was just there. I was looking at Belize, but the island destinations seem to be very crowded. It looks...
I vote for New Standard also. I've never tried on rescues, all I know is that they are more loose fitting than new standards. That said, I have a pair of AJ in 31 and a pair of NS in 30. I would say the NS have 1/2" to 3/4" larger leg opening. Can't comment on comparison to RR though.
I was actually wondering just the other day where people buy bandanas, lol. It's one of those common items that you see a lot, but you never see them for sale in stores... Let me call Brett Michaels and ask him who his supplier is.
I'm looking for something to break up my dark denim routine and something that will be lighter weight and cooler in the summer (I'm in AZ). However, the only brands I can find that seem to have a wash like something I'm looking for are 7Fam (Nakita) and True Religion (Drifter). I'm not big on displays of disposable income and I'm not a bro, so these brands are not an option. Looking for suggestions on alternatives, but with a similar light wash. For...
I have a pair that was my first premium pair of denim I ever got, I paid too much for them. I only wear them when I want something extra comfortable because the denim is really soft and they are very loose fitting bootcut. One thing I don't like about them is the fade lines that they put going down the outer seam. I see this on a lot of their jeans and are the only people who do it that I have noticed.
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