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Does this fit?
Size 29 Iron Heart 666-XHS 25oz Denim - $300 Size 29: Waist 30, Inseam 37, Thigh 10.2, Knee 8.2, Leg Opening 7.7, Rise Brand new, I tried them on once before realizing that they were too small. All original tags are included. Size 27 APC New Standards - $100 Waist 29, Rise 10, Thigh 10.5, Knee 7.75, Leg Opening 7.25 Worn about 15 times. These are like new with VERY minimal fading in high stress areas.
^^ Nothing will ever erase the 20 years I spent living in Hickory, NC.
The funny thing is, we make a lot more then most of the people that stuck it out.
You don't need another degree to do well in IT. Myself, and many of my colleagues barely graduated high school, let alone obtained any kind of degree from a 4 year school. It seems this is the case for many IT professionals in the private sector. Rather we started at the bottom, learned the business, and transitioned into higher level positions.
Thanks. This is the first pair of glasses I've ever ordered online. I didn't think they'd work well when I bought them but the frames were just so damn cool.
Do these frames work for me?
Washed Lamb Moto
It's brown taken under horrible lighting with an Iphone.
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